Shopping For Your True Love Will Cost More Than Ever This Year

Sure it’s easy to find “five gold rings.” But how much would you have needed in this year’s Christmas Club to get the whole darn song?


Each year since 1984, PNC Advisors has provided an analysis of what it would cost to purchase all of the goods and services in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" classic holiday song. This year it would cost $75,122 to give your true love all 364 gifts, including the repeats.  This cost is higher than ever before and 3.5% higher than last year.  Maybe you are considering scaling back on holiday costs this year.  In that case you could buy each item in the song only once for a grand total of $18,920.   However, if you prefer to do your shopping online, well that would cost you mere $125,767 for all items repeated and $30,330 for each item purchased just once.

Do drummers drumming earn union scale?

The flock of birds required to fulfill the 12-days would cost the same as last year with the exception of the calling birds that have increased 20% this year to $480 each.    Skilled workers such as the lords a-leaping ($4,160 each), drummers drumming ($2,301 each), ladies dancing ($4,756 each) and pipers piping ($2,124 each) received an average 3.5 percent increase in salary in 2006 driving up the holiday cost.  The maids-a-milking are the exception receiving the $5.15 federal minimum wage, which hasn’t increased in 10 years.   The five golden rings ($325 each), normally a driving factor in the equation, had little impact this year since demand for luxury items has declined along with the housing market.  

Saving up for the big day

Based on a 1.3% industry average rate for regular shares, a credit union member would need to deposit $5825.10 into their Christmas Club every month in order to generate $75,122 at the end of the year.  It’s a statistic not in line with current savings trends for Americans.  Instead, most holiday shoppers might be focused on finding perfect gift for under $20.  The answer is surprisingly right at the beginning of the song, as a partridge will cost you only $15.  The kicker, though, is the bird’s preferred perch:  the pear tree to put it in will be another $129.99, a 44.4% increase from last year. 
Happy Holidays.

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Dec. 4, 2006


  • where's the link to the full pnc analysis? i'm curious to see historical details