Six Tips For Launching An Outbound Calling Program

Call centers are a strategic asset to credit unions. Are you making the most of yours?



Call centers enhance the credit union experience, provide essential information to concerned callers, and in many cases are the “face” of the credit union. But call centers can provide more than exceptional customer service. If structured effectively, they can enhance your credit union’s growth strategy.

A knowledgeable outbound calling team provides expert service and sales guidance to members who should take better advantage of the credit union’s programs. To ensure optimum performance, Debbie Granico of Addison Avenue FCU offers these tips to expand your call center:


  • Launch a call center with unclear objectives.
  • Ask inbound call agents to make outbound calls.
  • Expect outbound calls to be like inbound calls.


  • Define success to find success. Look to successful call centers for best practices. Set goals and objectives that align with those of your credit union.
  • Select outbound call agents based on pre-identified skills and competencies, then train your new hires to meet the challenges specific to outbound calling.
  • Know how to position your outbound calls. You will need to introduce the credit union and engage the member.

Watch all of Granico’s call center presentation above to learn more about Addison Avenue’s best practices.

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