June 2, 2014


  • I think this article, and SEO discussions in general miss the mark with CU's. Today, CU's get an estimated 10 million visitors to their web eco-systems every day - and as with banks, are only one of the only business models that gets free repeat visitors to their web assets day in and day out. The challenge is not getting more eyeballs to your web assets - but to figure out how to convert your existing visitors into online shoppers and buyers. It is time to start discusing converting CU web portals from brochureware into ecommerce platforms
    Jeff Chesky
  • Jeff, thank you for commenting. I totally agree that one of the primary goals for a website is lead gen. (Correct me if I miss-interpreted your comment.) However, the point I'm trying to make is that the tens of millions of eyeballs on PFI websites aren't always the ones that belong to potential members. If you tailor your strategy to make your visitors more targeted from the get-go, the ability to convert them on your site will by-default increase.
    Jennifer Rosenbaum