Sneak Peek: Who's New to the Top 10? A Year-end Data Analysis

With year-end data for over 80% of the industry assets, how does the performance of the largest 10 credit unions stack up against the overall industry?


Opinion varies on the importance of large institutions as bellwethers for the rest of the industry, so we decided to take a quick look at the 10 largest credit unions compared to the rest of our FirstLook credit unions. As of this analysis, our FirstLook Peer Group contains credit unions from every state and a wide range of assets, $1.4M to $40B representing roughly 80% of the industry’s total assets.

No credit unions on this list had significant (representing more than 5% of assets) mergers or purchase & assumptions in 2009. STAR One (CA, and formerly #12), jumped into the top 10 with asset growth of 24%,  leap-frogging over American Airlines (TX, formerly #10) and America First (UT, formerly #11).

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The FirstLook Peer Group and the largest 10 credit unions in aggregate posted record share growth of 11.5%. Performance varied widely in the big CU group, from -4.2% at Suncoast (FL) to 20.3% at Alliant (IL). Continue the analysis online at