Oct. 8, 2007


  • Our Internet Strategy Consortium’s recent online member loyalty study using NetPromoter yielded strong differences between promoters and detractors in terms of both credit union website evaluations and behavior. But a couple of caveats for credit unions looking to this measurement scheme – 1) the question wording should be modified if your credit union has a tighter field of membership (we had members say they wouldn’t recommend their CU because they didn’t know anyone eligible for membership) 2) Your NetPromoter score for online members may vary from the credit union’s results as a whole due to the consideration of an additional service channel (impact could be positive or negative) and different demographics of respondents, 3) You’ll need to go beyond the single loyalty question to fully diagnose problems/issues with your website and make improvements. We’ll have more specific details in future articles, but I’d like to hear questions/comments. Denise
    Denise Senecal
  • Good food for thought, Denise. What are your thoughts on using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as part of any strategy to measure and manage member perceptions?
    Chuck Van Court