June 20, 2005


  • For debit card usage a clean email account for your financial transactions and accounts, do not use that account for ANY other online activity. You will automatically know that all mail not coming to THAT account is not related to your real financial situation. Scrutinize all mails coming to your special account and request 'text-based' mails whenever possible.
    Debit Card
  • Can you kindly elaborate further the term 'Each time a member selects “credit” at the point of sale she is entered to win a $50 or $100 Visa gift card each month and a $1000 Visa gift card at the end of the year'?

    How does this mechanic works? When a cardholder holds a debit card, any spending made will be deducted directly from their account. Thus, how does a cardholder selects " credit" at the point of sales?

    Appreciate your urgent reply soonest. Thank you.


    Lena Rahman
  • Lena,

    Your processor can tell you whether a transaction is signature or pin based. Often the big merchants will force your debit card users into using their pin by presenting the pin pad to the customer.

    Customers can sidestep this by pressing cancel and credit - and then the bigger merchants can then "stop" the transactions by claiming that it was "denied by the institution" - of course the transaction never hit the switch.
    Brad Rose