The 30-Something Mindset


A Humorous Look at the Mindset of a First Time Home Buyer

I recently picked up “2010 A Homeownership Odyssey”, a brochure published by Prime Alliance that tells the story of a fictional couple, Maya & Lucas, and their experience as first-time home buyers (FTHB). The story, both entertaining and informative, is designed to help credit unions understand the mindset of the FTHB and begin interacting with them much earlier in the home buying process. After all, seeking financing often comes after months of research—online, on foot and with realtors.

One page of the brochure was really interesting: “The 30-Something Mindset List”.  The concept of the Mindset List was developed by two Beloit College professors. Each year the pair examines what has occurred in the lives of the incoming freshman class: what cultural, political, economic and technological events shape their perspectives and world views? The list is used by the College to gain a better understanding of its new students.

Dan Green and Tonya Coon at Prime Alliance decided to go about creating their own Mindset List for Maya & Lucas. In their own words, “We’re not exactly sure how old Lucas and Maya are, but a pretty good guess would be late twenties or early thirties, meaning they were born in or around 1979 plus or minus a few years. Understanding what shaped their world helps credit unions do a better job of serving them.”

Here’s a quick look at a few of the more important events that have taken place in the last 30 years:

  1. Andy Warhol, Liberace, Jackie Gleason, and Lee Marvin have always been dead.
  2. They don’t remember when “cut and paste” involved scissors.
  3. Heart-lung transplants have always been possible.
  4. Wayne Gretzky never played for Edmonton.
  5. Boston has been working on the “The Big Dig” all their lives.
  6. With little need to practice, most of them do not know how to tie a tie.
  7. Pay-Per-View television has always been an option.
  8. They never had the fun of being thrown into the back of a station wagon with six others.
  9. Iran and Iraq have never been at war with each other.
  10. They are more familiar with Greg Gumbel than with Bryant Gumbel.
  11. Philip Morris has always owned Kraft Foods.
  12. Al-Qaida has always existed with Osama bin Laden at its head.
  13. They learned to count with Lotus 1-2-3.
  14. Car stereos have always rivaled home component systems.
  15. Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker have never preached on television.
  16. Voice mail has always been available.
  17. “Whatever” is not part of a question but an expression of sullen rebuke.
  18. The federal budget has always been more than a trillion dollars.
  19. Condoms have always been advertised on television.
  20.  They may have fallen asleep playing with their Gameboys in the crib.
  21.  They have always had the right to burn the flag.
  22.  For daily caffeine emergencies, Starbucks has always been around the corner.
  23.  Ferdinand Marcos has never been in charge of the Philippines.
  24. Money put in their savings account the year they were born earned almost 7% interest.
  25.  Bill Gates has always been worth at least a billion dollars.
  26.  Dirty dancing has always been acceptable.
  27.  Southern fried chicken, prepared with a blend of 11 herbs and spices, has always been available in China.
  28.  Michael Jackson has always been bad, and greed has always been good.
  29.  The Starship Enterprise has always looked dated.
  30.  Pixar has always existed.
  31.  There has never been a “fairness doctrine” at the FCC.
  32.  Judicial appointments routinely have been “Borked.”
  33.  Aretha Franklin has always been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  34.  There have always been zebra mussels in the Great Lakes.
  35.  Police have always been able to search garbage without a search warrant.
  36.  It has always been possible to walk from England to mainland Europe on dry land.
  37.  They have grown up in a single superpower world.
  38.  They missed the oat bran diet craze.
  39.  American Motors has never existed.
  40.  Scientists have always been able to see supernovas.
  41.  Les Miserables has always been on stage.
  42. Halogen lights have always been available at home, with a warning.
  43. “Baby M” may be a classmate, and contracts with surrogate mothers have always been legal.
  44.  RU486 has always been on the market.
  45.  There has always been a pyramid in front of the Louvre in Paris.
  46.  British Airways has always been privately owned.
  47.  Irradiated food has always been available but controversial.
  48.  Snowboarding has always been a popular winter pastime.
  49.  Libraries have always been the best centers for computer technology and access
to good software.
  50. Biosphere 2 has always been trying to create a revolution in the life sciences.



Oct. 5, 2009


  • WOW,

    Look at how many things have changed in such a short period of time.