April 29, 2013


  • This a great, forward thinking article! Daily grind of managing a small CU sometimes makes me focus too much on clutter on my desk and not look at the horizon. We are just beginning this journey and it is a difficult and sometimes discouraging process. Thanks for reminding me not to get caught up in this being hard and that future is good. I think I will rejoice and be glad for today. Have a great day!
    Tommy Cobb
  • As a credit union of $700M+ in assets, we have been able to deploy some very effective solutions that have made a significant impact on our bottom line. We partnered with MeridianLink a couple of years ago. This has allowed us to create a far better online loan applicaiton process as well as new deposit/new member opening process. Our online loan/deposit channel is ranked #2 most months (we have 18 branches). Docusign, remote signature catpure, has been a huge plus for our members. Not only can they apply for a loan on their mobile device and get status updates, they can now sign their new loan documents on that same device (without having to come a branch). We also use Docusign for account modifications and have found great use for it internally as well. This solution is very cost effecient for us and allows us to "wow" our members daily. Find solutions that a scalable for your credit union. Avoid vendors who are pushing a one-size-fits-all approach. And, above all, make doing business with your credit union EASY. Members and potential members are looking for that - evening demanding it.
    Jim Johnson
  • It's kind of disheartening when most of the examples of credit unions being successful in the six categories you discussed are billion dollar credit unions. Except for one that is listed at $786 million. The majority of credit unions are much smaller than this, so it would be nice to see some examples from smaller cu's that are addressing these issues as well.
    Stanley Hayes