The Credit Union Story: 5 Credit Unions & the Differences They’re Making

The void in positive financial news has created a phenomenal opportunity for credit unions to share their story through media outlets.


Over the last 18 months we have witnessed an overwhelming amount of negative media coverage surrounding the recession and more specifically, financial institutions. The void in positive financial news (or news in general for that matter) has created a phenomenal opportunity for credit unions to share their story through media outlets. Today I'm going to share with you 5 credit union stories submitted through our press center that show how these institutions went above and beyond to get their message heard.

  1. State Employees' Credit Union Provides Additional Commitment for Student Loans:
    State Employees' Credit Union of Raleigh, NC invested $1.6 million of its members funds in Student Loan Bonds that help North Carolina students and parents get educational loans to pay for college. Learn more about how they were able to help families 'plan, apply and pay for college.'

  2. Member Assistance Plan & Relief Fund Created to Assist Members in Troubled Economy- Jefferson County Employees Credit Union located in Brimingham, AL found that their county's troubled economy was forcing cutbacks in various county departments. A County Employees Relief Fund was created through the credit union to help employees pay their health insurance premiums for the month of September. In addition to the fund, the credit union also created a "Member Assistance Plan (MAP)" to further help the employees affected by the budget cuts. MAP provides services for members including loan restructuring, financial counseling and budgeting resources. Read more about Jefferson County’s efforts to make a difference in their county.

  3. Alliance Credit Union holds an 'Ugly Car Contest'- In an effort to continue the 'Cash for Clunkers' Program, Alliance Credit Union (San Jose, CA) decided to create a stimulus package of their own with their 'Ugly Car Contest'. The contest used a Facebook 'Fan Page' to allow members to upload pictures of their vehicles and vote for the winner of the $5,000 prize. Learn more about the contest and see pictures of the car by reading the full release.

  4. University Credit Union kicks off book drive for Mattel Children's Hospital- To help sick children get their mind off of their treatment, University Credit Union (Los Angeles, CA) is holding a book drive. They're hoping to collect 300 books this year to donate to their local hospital. View more details in their recent press release.

  5. Eaton Family Credit Union Helps Combat the Flu- To prepare for the upcoming flu season, Eaton Family Credit Union (Euclid, OH) set up hand sanitizer dispensers in its branches. The dispensers show members that they are concerned about their health and general well-being. Find out more about their efforts by reading their press release.

All of these stories were submitted to the Press Center. Have a story to tell? Share it with us by uploading your release on our site.