The Huge Hispanic Market Segment You’re Probably Overlooking

It is well known that the Hispanic market is the fastest growing in the U.S.. Credit unions nationwide are seeking to tap this market in multiple ways.




MEDIA TRENDS: Bilingual to English Dominant.

It is well known that the Hispanic market is the fastest growing in the U.S., and credit unions nationwide are seeking to tap this market in multiple ways. The largest obstacle most identify is getting their forms, publications, staff, etc. fully bilingual. Largely overlooked may be the fact that 63% of the Latino population in the U.S. is predominantly English speaking, and 26% of all U.S. Latin people only speak English. It is projected that by 2020, 75% of the Latino population will be “Bilingual to English Dominant” – that is, bilingual with Spanish as their first language, yet who primarily speak, read and communicate in English *.

The drivers of this trend are second and third generation Latino children. In the Hispanic US population

- 24% of first generation are bilingual
- 47% of second generation are bilingual and 46% are English dominant, and
- 22% of third generation are bilingual while 71% are English only** .

For those credit unions seeking to tap the largest “middle class” segment and rejuvenate their membership base with young people, take note: About 70% of the Hispanic population is under 30, representing 1.2 million households with average household incomes $75,000+. The driving growth opportunity in the US today is a Hispanic market which is young, acculturated, and increasingly affluent.***

How do you reach this market? Hispanic media is presented in Spanish and is most effective in reaching first and second generations. Yet if the largest market opportunity is English speaking third generation Latinos, it presents a unique challenge. Reaching this market segment culturally appears to be the key, and one media corporation is taking that leap in early 2005.

*Source: MPA
**Source: MPA, Pew Hispanic Center Survey Brief, March 2004
***Source: MPA, CMI

A new, first of its kind publication is launching this May in Los Angeles called Tu Ciudad Los Angeles and is backed by Emmis Communications – a diversified media company with radio and television broadcasting and magazine publishing operations (NASDAQ: EMMS). Tu Ciudad Los Angeles will be published in English, but will focus intently on the lives, culture and interests of Latinos in Los Angeles. It will seek to communicate to the cultural aspect of the Hispanic market, as opposed to the linguistic aspect.

Launching in the city with the nation’s largest Hispanic population, Ciudad will be an entertainment guide and a magazine that tackles serious issues with a team of distinguished journalists. The Executive Editor is Angela Figueroa, a revered leader in the publishing industry for his insight and knowledge of Latino culture in the U.S. Figueroa was the launching editor for People en Espanol, a former Editor-at-Large for Time magazine, and directed the successful relaunch of AOL Latino. Editor-in-Chief will be Oscar Garza, a Raul Julia Awardee for Public Service from the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, former Deputy Editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, editor of LA Times Daily Calendar, and supervisor of LA Times Latino Initiative, launched to improve coverage of the Latino community.

Credit union cooperative advertising agency Market and Sales Logic has been selected as Ciudad’s exclusive credit union partner to develop educationally based and credit union supported financial content. If you are interested in learning more about Ciudad, the market strategy behind it, and of this growing market, please contact Kristin Witzenburg at or (310) 212-9950. Ciudad will be featured at MSL’s fall media retreat, but MSL will sponsor a presentation via the web or at the site of Emmis Communications in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles for interested credit unions.

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Jan. 24, 2005


  • Thanks for this perspective! It's helpful to have access to stats about such giant potential markets. Gracias!
  • This artcle was fascinating! Of special interest was the data that shows that the Hispanic population has indeed been cognizant of the necessity to incorporate the English language in order to become successful in the US. One more accolade to the intelligence of the Hispanic people. Great article.