The Largest 100 Real Estate Loan Originators at Mid-Year 2010

Credit unions vary in their business models and lending concentration. How are the top 100 mortgage originators performing in today’s environment?


This set of slides shows the average performance in key mortgage lending metrics between credit unions in the United States and the largest 100 originators in real estate loans as of June 30, 2010 (the names of those 100 credit unions are on the last slide). There a few notable differences between the two groups, including:

  • The top originators are more productive in originating real estate loans on a per employee basis. On an annualized basis, the group originated $744,000 per full-time employee. The U.S. average is $342,000.
  • This group does not sell a more significant percentage of first mortgage originations to the secondary market than the U.S. average.
  • The top 100 originators do, however, hold a higher concentration of mortgages in their portfolio, as many of the credit unions (but not all) focus on mortgage lending.
  • This group has a significantly lower first mortgage delinquency rate. As of 2Q 2010, its reportable first mortgage delinquency rate is 1.94%. The U.S. average is 2.24%.

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These slides originally appeared in the ACUMA 2010 Annual Conference Workbook. To see the set in its entirety, check out pages 358-372 in the Supplemental Materials section of the workbook. For a copy of the above slides, contact Lydia Cole at Callahan & Associates. Source: Callahan's Peer-to-Peer software.




Sept. 27, 2010



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