The Quarterly Report: 4Q 2011

Credit unions reported record pre-assessment earnings totaling $8.3 billion, the highest ever reported.


Credit unions are entering 2012 with momentum in member growth, lending, and earnings.

  • Total credit union membership in 2011 rose by nearly 1.3 million members. Surely  Bank Transfer Day played a role in credit unions' record 4.1% increase in new checking accounts.
  • In lending, the fourth quarter origination volume of $73.5 billion is the highest fourth quarter on record for the industry.
  • Pre-assessment earnings of $8.3 billion are the highest on record for credit unions.

Get the full picture of how credit unions performed during the fourth quarter as well as during 2011 in Callahan & Associates' The Quarterly Report: 4Q 2011 and Consolidated Financial Statement.

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The Quarterly Report: 4Q 2011
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Consolidated Financial Statement

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