Jan. 27, 2014


  • Ah yes, geegaws and trinkets for the young members are great fun. But what do they teach young members? At SAFE credit union we also have a focus on growing membership with a foucs on young members who will grow with the credit union. Our approach is a little different. First of all most of our members come from two sources branches and our community outreach activity. Branches are the source of most of our new members. We years ago we expanded our branches from nine branches located around our sponsor location, McClellan Air Force Base, to locations in bedroom communities. Neighborhood branches cater to familes. Our branches have play areas for the kids and are family friendly. Our front line staff encourages parents to sign up their kids. We offer a special newsletter for the young members. The branch also offer kids a no cost coin counting machine for them to bring in their coin jars and deposit them. We are open on Saturday and we see a lot of families on that day. Our community outreach means our staff go to local schools and make financial literacy presentations to high school students. We offer the "Bite of Life" program that is very popular with the high school students. We also have branches in high schools that have an ATM and offer banking services provided by the students who run the branch. We offer a summer intern program to teach the students how to run a branch. The branch is operated to match our other branches in terms of operational control and service quality. Our community outreach takes us to over 600 community events each year. We open a lot of accounts for entire families at these events. At each community event we have a booth or in come cases an entire pavilion in which we entertain and enlighten our guests about the credit union and about financial literacy. Our mission is to help our members improve their financial well being. We do that by providing exceptional service, best solutions and professional experts.
    Henry Wirz