April 25, 2016


  • Truer words have rarely been spoken than, "the experience level a credit union wants to provide is what determines the service level they choose..." That being said, ALL metrics are important as long as the approach is done holistically. There is no one indicator of great service. Short queue times, low AHT, and high sales may indicate great service, or you may have agents pounding through calls and pushing products. Everything must be approached with quality of experience as the driving force. First call resolution is much more important than abandoned ratio. However, to ignore any one of the metrics above is to ignore valid data. I agree that abandoned ratio alone is not a suitable metric for assessing performance. Yet, watching abandoned ratios at 30-minute intervals can indicate staffing issues. Especially when taken with the average abandoned time. If members are giving up at 20 seconds, most likely no harm no foul. If members are waiting 3 minutes+ before hanging up, you can bet your experience is less than desirable. I agree there is no "special sauce" or industry standard that can set the bar for all credit union call centers - find what your members want and work fanatically to deliver that. The answer is to provide quality service experience - however you measure it.
    Zach Eychaner
  • Thanks, Zach, for your insightful, detailed observations. They're much appreciated.
    Marc Rapport