The World’s Best in the Loan to Share Ratio

We here at Callahan’s have caught the Olympic Fever! Find out how U.S. credit unions compare with credit unions in other countries in key financial areas.


We have all watched the U.S. compete against the rest of the world during the first half of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Since 2nd quarter data is unavailable until later in the week, I decided to examine U.S. credit unions as a whole and compare them to credit unions throughout the world. The chart compares the ten countries with top performing credit unions and some aggregate data on each country's credit unions.

The U.S. is a formidable foe in this event. When you combine all of the other countries' values together in any category, they still are not as large as the American credit unions. However, just as in the Olympics, you can never leave out the underdog. Despite its large number of credit unions and total members, the Romanians are surprisingly nimble with small amounts of total loans and shares. They come win the Gold with a high Loan to Share ratio of 94.02%. Australia comes in second at 91.73% and our northern neighbor, Canada takes the Bronze at 87.11%.




Aug. 23, 2004


  • Very interesting! I had no idea how credit union systems from countries from around the world stacked up. South Korea was the biggest surprise to me.