The Young And The Innovative

Fifteen finalists across four categories show what it means to push the leading edge in credit union technology and experience.


The third annual Innovation Series brought out startups and established players alike that are turning the challenges of digital banking into opportunities.

In this year’s series, again presented by and sponsored by Callahan & Associates, suppliers competed to come out as Top Innovator in Mobile & Digital, Payments, Member Experience, and Business Services & Lending categories.

Fifteen finalists — four from each vertical save Business Services — wowed webinar audiences with their range and depth of offerings. Importantly for credit unions, the tools, products, and services featured in the series offered solutions wrapped around consumer-friendly advice and coaching.

Read on to learn more about the imagination and intelligence behind this year’s finalists and Top Innovators.

Credit unions often want to learn about a solution but can't commit to a sales call. This series pushes suppliers to articulate their value prop in a concise and meaningful way.

Alix Patterson, Chief Experience Officer, Callahan & Associates

What is the Innovation Series?

A chance for suppliers of innovative credit union solutions to compete for the title of Top Innovator.

How are winners selected?

Suppliers showcase their innovations to a credit union audience during a webinar hosted by Callahan & Associates. Suppliers have 10 minutes to pitch their innovation alongside other finalists — this year, vendors could choose from Mobile & Digital, Payments, Member Experience, and Business Services & Lending categories — and webinar attendees vote on their favorite solution.

Who chooses the finalists?

Suppliers complete a competitive application process, and Callahan hand-picks the finalists. The solutions represented in this year’s series seized on opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and more.

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