There’s No Food Court in this Mall (of Credit Unions)

Over a year ago, three Virginia credit unions came together and opened the first ever credit union mall. The credit unions are very satisfied with the success of the mall and they encourage other credit unions to explore the idea of sharing one brick and mortar location.


The next time your adolescent asks for permission to go to the mall you can tell them: Sure! And pick me up a loan while you're there!

In order to cut down on costs Call Federal Credit Union teamed up with Connects Federal Credit Union and Richmond Federal Credit Union to serve the Richmond community. The three credit unions each have different fields of membership, but reside in the same building. The mall features separate lobbies for each credit union with a common mall entrance.

This first ever credit union mall opened its doors over a year ago located in Midlothian, VA. Roger Ball of Call Federal Credit Union believes the mall has worked out very well for all three credit unions and suggests other credit unions look into the idea of sharing a brick and mortar location.

Additionally, according to Ball, the mall "promotes the credit union spirit." Working together to serve the community is what credit unions were founded to do. This innovative idea has allowed these three credit unions to use their resources to do just that.

To find out more about the credit union mall read the press release issued by Call Federal Credit Union.




Aug. 16, 2004



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