Nov. 1, 2010


  • Lydia,

    We continue to see higher real estate delinquency here in California. We don't think real estate delinquency will peak until the State of Calfornia resolves the budget deficits with employee layoffs. We did see some increase in auto and real estate loan volume in August and September. The new opt in rules for debit overdrafts did not reduce that income but in fact is increasig the number of members who use. That happened because we never promoted the service until we had to explain the opt in process.

    Our budget for 2011 anticipates a big drop in debit interchange. Our biggest plus for the bottom line in 2010 was debit interchange due to moving our debit from STAR to Interlink. That move along has added about $170,000 a month in higher interchange net of higher processing expense.
    Henry Wirz
  • Tim - Thanks for the comment. It's been fixed to reflect $550 billion.

    Colin - Yes, fee income remains a concern for many CUs. We have a webinar this week focused on what credit unions have learned after the first 60 days of Reg E changes and how to move forward from here.
    Lydia Cole, Callahan & Associates
  • This kind of insight into trends in the industry is both interesting and useful. Please keep up the good work.

    Despite remaining positive the fee income growth has slowed significantly and must be a concern to many credit unions. I believe that Credit Unions must implement new approaches to deepen relationships with their members.

    Colin Piper,

    President, Econiq Inc
    Colin Piper
  • Check the 550 million....might need to be billion.