Jan. 30, 2006


  • A fair overview of the three ideas in general but thin with pratical ways for implementing them. For example, one CU was cited in the "Not Just Experience" section to underline the importance of hiring staff that can multitask; great, but what did they do to find such employees? What previous employement backgrouds have proven to be the best fit? Another example was in the "Be 'Creative'" section. Lots of creative technologies out there but the only specific example given was VoIP - one CU with 2 offsite representatives. Maybe a good start for developing the point, but creative? The jury is still out.
  • As a former call center manager for a savings bank, my view of my employees was the opposite of the view taken by the article. My employees moved to the phone center as a promotion. The people in the call center do have to multi task be very involved in the pluse of the organization because the call centers is the first place quetions are going to come from when new proucts or services are launched. The call center is the first line of defense when there is a problem that affects the members. For these reasons my turnover was the result of other areas raiding my employees.
  • I don't agree with this article. If you want to find out about real retention strategies, you need to check out Clear Harbor, headquarted in Atlanta with operations in the Eastern Caribbean. Their attrition is at 7% per year, and expanding their staff, how they do it ?I am still trying to find out.Check them out www.clearharbor.biz