‘Twas the Night Before Closing

Remember credit unions this holiday season – giving and lending, this is the reason!


‘Twas the night before closing, the last rental check paid,
Our family excited, our plans were all made.

The boxes were packed, with the greatest of care,
In hopes that the moving truck soon would be there.

Yet how’d all this happen, this whole home-event?
When we thought that forever, we’d be stuck paying rent.

Our credit union helped us, they showed us the way,
Explained taxes and escrow, and what we would pay.

“A home is something you can more than afford,
Just a little cash needed, not a whole great big horde.”

Fixed rates and adjustables, they explained them all,
There are so many affordable ones, no reason to stall.

“There’s more help we can give”, our CU said with some pleasure,
“We work with realtors that will help find the treasure.”

“Describe what you want, tell me all that is needed,”
This advice from our realtor, we eagerly heeded.

We wanted a yard, a place children will play
And room to plant flowers that will grow day-by-day.

Our agent was patient, kept searching and trying,
To find us the house that was more than worth buying.

Then we found it, we did, a right-charming nice place
With airy light rooms, and plenty of space.

We closed in a jiffy, in the wink of an eye,
Our credit union made it simple, as easy as pie.

The papers were signed, the keys in our hand,
We were finally homeowners, with our own piece of land.

Now the fun’s just beginning, where do we put all our stuff?
Even with it all placed, our homes’ roomy enough.

A lamp over here, memories on that wall,
Everything with a place, with plenty for it all.

As I walk through it slowly, the rooms of our house,
I hear a soft voice, the voice of my spouse.

She needs help with unpacking, and moving a chair,
I’m through with my cleaning, and quickly head there.

Then a small tug brings me right back to my place,
As I look down to see my five–year-old’s smiling face.

The eyes of my child are filled with delight,
Knowing our dreams have begun this very night.

And as I took in my surroundings the emotions did swell,
Knowing our credit union did this for us so very well.



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Dec. 19, 2005


  • Very well written. It is all about how CUs are the trusted advisor for the most important purchase of ones life - A Home!!
  • happy home ownership to all! my credit union helped me out, not once, but twice!
  • creative and fun to read.