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Who are the credit union mavens?


There is a divisive topic on the Internet. People are facing off and choosing sides. They want to know: Are you for it or are you against it?

No, we are not talking about the passionate debate surrounding Health Care Reform.  We are talking about the apparent scandal known as Twitter.  A scandal so scathing that on August 25 USA Today ran a half page story under the headline "Twitter haters see no point in tweeting."  Twitter irks some people so terribly, they become hypercritical of a service they do not even use. 

After reading such off-putting remarks as Twitter is "look-at-me technology" or "stalkerish" there is only one way a self-confessed Twitter-holic can respond.  Who do you follow?  That simple question solves everything for me. 

Twitter is not one single entity, it's a vast collection of voices.  If you find no value in a particular user's tweets, then choose to not follow them.  On Twitter, you are solely responsible for your own sources of information and entertainment.  If you are not enjoying the experience, rest the blame squarely upon your shoulders and please do not project it on the greater Twitter community.  Trust me, the Twitter community-at-large is not following anybody who is "mundane" or spouting "pointless babble."  They are following people who are funny, clever, insightful and have the inside-scoop. 

So, who are some credit union people worth following?

In the spirit of sharing, we offer a list of twenty Twitter users that we follow with our account, CreditUnionsCom.  These users frequently bring a smile to our face and sometimes a bonafide LOL.  They often impress us with the stories they are able to dig up on topics relevant to credit unions.  Each of them puts forward a unique take on current events.  Some are cheerleaders, others are critics, but they all are worth tuning-in.  Even though we numbered our Twitter Twenty list, they are truly unranked and all of equal significance. 

If you would like to suggest that we follow a Twitter user that is credit union relevant and not on this list, please leave a comment below with their Twitter username.  Don’t hold out on us if you know somebody else worth following!  We’re always looking to expand our credit union community network.  Enjoy our first Twitter Twenty!  

UPDATE: 09.10.09, The Power of Social Networking

The response to this article from the credit union community on Twitter was stronger than I imagined.

As an example of the power of social networking, the article attracted around 500 page views, 10 ratings and 6 comments in less than 8 hours after it was first mentioned on Twitter. This large response made it one of the most popular articles on our website for the week. These results make clear to me that the phenomenom of the credit union movement using Twitter has matured and entered a new phase that demands attention.

Not only does the credit union social network on Twitter now command large amounts of web traffic, they also provide opinions and reaction to credit union relevant news. Since their commentary is built upon a wide array of voices each with their own opinions, it is a leading indicator for the overall credit union industry. If the credit union community on Twitter likes it, chances are the overall industry will like it, too.

As an example of how social media affects traditional credit union marketing, this very article ended up being published in a recent newsletter from the Credit Union Association of New York (CUANY). This development speaks to the power of social networking since our Twitter Twenty article is still waiting to be featured on our website's front page. So, Twitter and social networking are solely responsible for all of this attention.

In an attempt to improve this article further, I included comments on why each of our Twitter Twenty was selected in the list below the multimedia display. The comments are all copies of congratulatory tweets sent out via creditunionscom.

UPDATE: 09.23.09, A Better Way to List the Twitter Twenty

After collecting feedback from the many readers of this Twitter Twenty article, I realized I needed to clarify my intent. The main obstacle many readers encountered was that I numbered the list of twenty twitter accounts I recommended to follow. This created some confusion in that many readers thought it was a top twenty list of credit union mavens to follow. This was never my intention.

With the list, I attempted to highlight a wide sample of the credit union community on twitter. A mix of early pioneers to the platform, industry experts, credit union advocates, core organizations, vendors and innovative maketeers. I wanted to share some of the most popular twitter accounts as well as gain exposure for those who offer a valuable contribution but do not have a large list of followers.

There is a growing world of credit union focused twitter users and that is what I am trying to illustrate. I could write a Twitter Twenty article everday next month and not highlight the same account twice. The credit union movement has adopted twitter and everybody in the industry should take note.

With this feedback in mind, I reorganized the list of twenty to follow. Instead of ranking them by number, I put a gold star next to their tweets. The gold star is inspired by the way your save your favorite tweets on twitter, by clicking a star symbol in the top right corner of a tweet. I hope this will be a method of listing the Twitter Twenty that is more in line with my intentions. If you have any other ideas, please share in the comments section.

The last important topic to cover are the dangers of catching the twitter bug and becoming twitter-pated. Symptoms include a glazed look in the eyes, slack jaw from over-stimulation, and mild dizziness with visions of birds dancing around your head. In short, you will look like me below. No, twitter does not cause baldness, that came naturally! Thanks for reading!

Matt on Twitter


  Sample Tweet: My Feedback:
Credit Union Twitter PSCU_Amy: Good Morning Everyone! Hey Mega Millions is up to $250 Million - if you win come on over to PSCU and we'll help you manage it ;-) creditunionscom: @PSCU_Amy Thank you! We like how clever you are with your tweets and wanted to highlight that. So glad you enjoy the article!
Credit Union Twitter CardAnalysis: Been communicating with Suze Orman the past several for a show on CREDIT UNION Credit Cards end of September! WOO HOO! creditunionscom: @CardAnalysis You're welcome! You're our best example of twitter networking w/ big media players. Keep those feet moving!
Credit Union Twitter CU_Ninja: When auto loans dry up elsewhere, CUs come to the rescue. creditunionscom: @CU_Ninja We're happy to feature you in our Twitter 20! You are a tireless credit union advocate with true passion & grit.
Credit Union Twitter aplusfcu: Thinking about continuing your education- check out NYT's special section on going back: creditunionscom: @aplusfcu I'm glad you like! We enjoy your updates very much and appreciate your focus on financial education. Thank you for what your do!
Credit Union Twitter morrischris: Neat CU microsite by People's Trust Federal Credit Union:
creditunionscom: @morrischris You're more than welcome. You're a great CU resource and have one of the most entertaining twitter feeds. Good work!
Credit Union Twitter GHCU: Starts Sept. 1--our branches grow trees! To promote Green initiatives, we have fruit trees in our branches. Come hear about their journeys! creditunionscom: @GHCU We featured you not just because you helped pioneer the CU movement on Twitter, but also you do great Green Values Based Marketing.
Credit Union Twitter Visible_Banking: Happy 1-year twitter anniversary to @TX_CU_League ! #VBTW #creditunion #social creditunionscom: @Visible_Banking You're on our Twitter 20 list because you track the CU movement on Twitter so well, w/ great data & anniversary reminders!
Credit Union Twitter CUWarrior: Hmmm...1,000 banks will fail in the next two years? Not sure I buy that, but who knows? creditunionscom: @CUWarrior You're on our list of 20 to follow because you're so dedicated to the CU movement. You often share the best CU related news.
Credit Union Twitter DMI_CUSoapbox: Cash for Clunkers is going away Monday: Any parting words for the "huh?"-est program ever? creditunionscom: @DMI_CUSoapbox HAHAHA! So glad you're excited!! You all are a great example of effective social media and email campaign marketing.
Credit Union Twitter Paulsworld: Bank failures a silver lining for some. Predicts another 150 to 200 bank failures ahead Can CU's benefit? creditunionscom: @Paulsworld We like how informed & balanced your views are on CU events and that your aren't afraid to share valuable feedback.
  Sample Tweet: My Feedback:
Credit Union Twitter CUrevolution: Credit card statement stuffer helps inform members on what the new (CARD) Act of 2009 will mean to them creditunionscom: @CUrevolution Thank you! You show that twitter is a handy tool for the most core organizations in the CU industry.
Credit Union Twitter TSCU: Life or Debt? 41 Financial Calculators for Major Life Decisions: creditunionscom: @TSCU You're Welcome! We like CU's that reach out to Gen Y, and you're tweets are a great example!
Credit Union Twitter Pioneercu: Helping a member get his confidential docs shredded now (his shredder broke) so he doesn't have to store until our next shreadfest in Spring. creditunionscom: @Pioneercu You're welcome! We liked that example tweet of yours so much. Shows how you go above and beyond member's expectations. Nice job!
Credit Union Twitter Ent_CU: Think of this as your "Ent Suggestion Box" – what could Ent do that would help you? What info do you want us to tweet more about? creditunionscom: @Ent_CU You sure did! And besides being well-rounded w/ your tweets and forward-thinking w/ your contests, you have the best background pic!
Credit Union Twitter AdvantisCU: In the news "Firing your bank? Try Credit Unions" CUNA News Now creditunionscom: @AdvantisCU We featured you in our Twitter 20 since you show how involved you are in Portland community and are advocates for great causes.
Credit Union Twitter FCFCU: It's time to deep fry your bank. creditunionscom: @MKHostetler We had to recognize @FCFCU! I like your use of multiple personal accounts, gives a good "face" to your CU.
Credit Union Twitter tmg: The NY Times loves credit unions! creditunionscom: @tmg You're on our list of 20 CU mavens to follow on twitter! Your use of blogs paired with social networking is a good example to us all.
Credit Union Twitter CreditUnionGuy: Very interesting...Verity Credit Union is hiring a mommy blogger to promote brand. (via @tawitham) creditunionscom: @CreditUnionGuy You're very welcome! Thank you for digging up great links to interesting happenings in the credit union industry.
Credit Union Twitter DayAirCU: Are your kids 11 or younger? Stop by Day Air CU to join the Money Mammals "Saving Money is Fun" Kids Club today! creditunionscom: @DayAirCU We included you in our Twitter 20 because you use social media so well to highlight your community involvement. It's working!
Credit Union Twitter mmpartee: I just emailed the CEO of the CU that's voting to merge into a bank in Maine, inviting to her to comment: creditunionscom: @mmpartee We're just happy to be following people like you, who don't hesitate to ask the tough questions and speak their mind.



Sept. 2, 2009

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  • Thanks again for the mention! CUs gotta keep up the tweeting! And thanks Marti! We enjoy rocking it out in Austin : )
    Kelsey @aplusfcu
  • Hey! I'm a maven! When did that happen? Thanks so much for the mention!
  • @aplusfcu rocks it down in AUSTIN!!!
  • Thanks for the mention! As always, I appreciate your support.
    Credit Union Warrior
  • I would like to echo the comment of CU Warrior and add that I've always wanted to be a Maven, so thank you for the first Maven title of my career.

    P.S. Nobody in Michigan won the Mega Millions, so no major deposits to report.
  • Thanks for the recognition! Very much appreciated and ranks up there with the Suze Orman shout outs! ;-)
    Ondine Irving (@CardAnalysis)
  • Ooops...
    Jeffry Pilcher |
  • I would add myself to this list: @FinancialBrand

    The tweet stream from The Financial Brand may not be dedicated exclusively to credit unions (neither is Visible Banking), but there is zero in the way of "mundane spouting" and "pointless babble."

    Every tweet contains a link to a story within the financial industry.

    Check it out:
    Jeffry Pilcher |
  • Connexus CU does a great job reaching members across the US with cool financial info.
  • @jrwlay would be a good candidate for your next round. He is our web guy and totally into the credit union movement via social media.
  • Flattered! Thanks -