Sept. 2, 2009


  • Thanks again for the mention! CUs gotta keep up the tweeting! And thanks Marti! We enjoy rocking it out in Austin : )
    Kelsey @aplusfcu
  • Hey! I'm a maven! When did that happen? Thanks so much for the mention!
  • @aplusfcu rocks it down in AUSTIN!!!
  • Thanks for the mention! As always, I appreciate your support.
    Credit Union Warrior
  • I would like to echo the comment of CU Warrior and add that I've always wanted to be a Maven, so thank you for the first Maven title of my career.

    P.S. Nobody in Michigan won the Mega Millions, so no major deposits to report.
  • Thanks for the recognition! Very much appreciated and ranks up there with the Suze Orman shout outs! ;-)
    Ondine Irving (@CardAnalysis)
  • Ooops...
    Jeffry Pilcher |
  • I would add myself to this list: @FinancialBrand

    The tweet stream from The Financial Brand may not be dedicated exclusively to credit unions (neither is Visible Banking), but there is zero in the way of "mundane spouting" and "pointless babble."

    Every tweet contains a link to a story within the financial industry.

    Check it out:
    Jeffry Pilcher |
  • Connexus CU does a great job reaching members across the US with cool financial info.
  • @jrwlay would be a good candidate for your next round. He is our web guy and totally into the credit union movement via social media.
  • Flattered! Thanks -