Watch and Learn How One CU is Putting the Control in the Hands of the Member

Diana Dykstra, CEO of San Francisco Fire Credit Union ($423m, San Francisco, CA) describes their 2007 strategy for demonstrating the credit union difference - allowing members to set their own rates and create their own accounts.


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Interested in learning about more CEOs’ strategies for 2007? Visit CUSP Community to read about how four other credit unions plan to demonstrate the credit union difference in 2007.




April 9, 2007


  • her comments got to price, price, price and stopped 4 times, never saw the end
  • Adobe Flash Player is slow to load and playback excedes the downloading of the video, resulting in a very choppy presentation. It is smooth if you have the patience to wait for the entire video to download and then click play. Isn''t there a better way to show this video?
    Terry Witzke
  • Re-booted & re-played. Still receive very, very broken sound making the presentation impossible to understand.
    Ev Harrel
  • Re-booted & re-played. Still receive very, very broken sound making the presentation impossible to understand.
    Ev Harrel
  • Although my player is updates & I have cable DSL the voice was lousy
    Ev Harrell
  • This is an enlightened approach. Diana and her staff clearly see the impact the web is having on the credit union and their fundamental business model, and are reacting appropriately with a solution that perfectly suits their membership (give them what they want), allowing SFFCU to effectively participate in this competitive market. Diana''s right, member relationships will be strengthened utilizing this program. Everyone should get on this wagon . . . or should I say fire truck. DIana, be sure to report on the success of this program. Bravo!
    Dave Mayette
  • Well done Diana! This just confirms why I thoroughly enjoyed her class at WCMS!
  • Content was great but the delivery technology needs work. I have high speed DSL and the video was extremely choppy. I finally paused the video, let it buffer completely and then enjoyed a chop free video. I would look at a different format or download mechanism.
    Kai Ravnborg
  • Great article and idea. The delivery was very slow to load to once it was all there the broadcast was good. I liked the new technology.
    June Skvorzov
  • As always - wonderful job Diana!! The topic was great! CEO''s like Diana make her credit union proud - wish all CEO''s had her knowledge and vision of the credit union future! (Delta 2006)
    J. Garcia
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