Webinar Clip: Costs for a Community Partnership

Eastman CU joins credit union leaders to discuss strategies for reaching out through community partnerships. In this webinar clip hear about partnership costs for Eastman's WiFi program.


"I would love to throw the question back and say; 'If you would have to guess or ballpark, how much do you think it would cost,' I think the answer would surprise people," said Andy Hale, eServices Manager of Eastman Credit Union (Kingsport, TN, $1.86B) when asked about the costs of setting up a credit union sponsored Wi-Fi network for the city of Kingsport, TN.

Hale was one of four credit union leaders gathered on December 12th to discuss strategies for reaching out through high profile community partnerships. Eastman's unique way to reach out to the underserved areas of their community has also benefited local businesses, tourism, police and fire services. Hale describes the community's free Wi-Fi access as a win, win, win for Kingsport. Watch the clip below of Hale speaking about the network and its impact.




Dec. 17, 2007



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