What Can Your Credit Union Do to Combat the Rising Postal Rates?

Through the use of innovation and technology, postage costs can be held at bay and even reduced.


It seems every time we turn around the post office is asking for more money. They seem to get you coming and going. Although your credit union may be doing everything it can to manage mailing costs (include offering e-statements), there is still a group of your members who want their paper statements. Is there any way to hold down spiraling costs of postage, you ask? The picture looks bleak indeed and you lose sleep over balancing your budget with an unplanned increase.

The most recent postal rate increase took place on May 12, 2008, and rates are likely to continue to increase from year to year. However, there is some good news! Through the use of innovation and technology, postage costs can be held at bay and even reduced.

Assuming your mail is full rate, here is the most recent rate change chart. Presorted or barcoded automation compatible mail will receive further savings.

Though rate increase cannot be stopped, credit unions can hold down overall postage costs through the wise use of technology, innovation, and the tricks of the trade. Credit unions can combine general mailing principals with high-tech specialized computer programs to restructure their statements (called reformatting), reducing the credit union statement page counts by up to 30% per month in most cases. These techniques include:

  1. Paper and page count reduction techniques to save on paper and postage.
  2. Weight reduction techniques to reduce overall postage and allow for more inserts without becoming overweight.
  3. Envelope marketing allows marketing messages to be printed on the outside of the envelope, thus decreasing weight and increasing member response.
  4. Removal of waste and redundancy, shrinking the overall size of the statement.
  5. Multiple statement consolidation. It is less expensive from the standpoint of postage and envelopes to mail two different types of statements consolidated in one envelope than separately in two envelopes. Even if the consolidated mailing is overweight, the second postal ounce is less expensive than two separate one-ounce mailings. This also saves on the cost of the second envelope.
  6. Statement graphics can be re-designed to increase member response without increasing the weight of the mail piece.
  7. Householding and target marketing mean less offset printing costs, shipping costs, postage- increasing weight and brochure insertion costs.
  8. Selective/shortened or intermittent disclosures free up dead space for printing of the data.
  9. E-statements, e-checks, and e-tax returns all reduce the need to mail paper statements.

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Sept. 1, 2008


  • Great ideas! I wonder if there would be increased acceptance of the new format - with possibly a lot smaller font - if credit unions offered sheet magnifiers as a promotion. (Thin magnifying sheets in a frame.) It''s tough for some people to read smaller fonts - and printers of statements should be using the absolute (proven) easiest font to read. eStatement acceptance will evolve. A majority of the population once thought the horsesless carriage was a stupid idea too.