Feb. 22, 2012


  • Great analysis
  • The fund's financial performance should be in GAAP format - if the intent is full transperancy. NCUA needs to be reminded that it is members deposits that is at stake and CU Directors and CEOs take that "fiduciary resonsibility" seriously.

    Looks like NCUA motto is "Do as I tell you and not as I do".

  • Excellent point by Mr. Fogg. Where is CUNA on these issues? Are they more interested in maintaining open door relationships with ncua management than in addressing these historical, critical issues? For that matter, where is congressional oversight? Credit Unions are in need of lobbying representation and we are not getting any effective lobbying from the trade organizations.
  • The shameful shenanigans of the NCUA, as profoundly described in Chip's analysis, is one more reason a rational credit union would have for wanting to change charters just to change regulators.
  • It is time for the credit unions to make the NCUA accountable. Who is willing to begin?
  • Once again Mr. Filson brings to our attention matters of critical importance to the credit union movement. I do not hear CUNA's voice representing credit unions against NCUA's mismanagement. Nor do I see any effort by Chairman Matz to address these concerns. Quite the opposite. One easily gets the impression that the NCUA feels it does not need to justify its actions and can not be held accountable.
    Brian Fogg
  • What's ironic is that this is the same NCUA that beats us up, down and sideways over our own allowance methodology. They have no problem telling us that we are over-reserved, under-reserved and what type of inane methodology to employ. Our footnote disclosures this year for allowance are larger and more detailed than ever.
  • The is very good insight and analysis of the NCUSIF. They should improve the allowance methodology for the industry for the years to come and more disclosure just like the natural CUs.
    Richard Lie