Nov. 14, 2011


  • This article is RIGHT ON into what we can expect in innovation & technology!!Absolutely love the multi-services card! I would also love to see the consumer be able to pay with their phone too! I only carry 2 cards, my debit and credit. Now, if I could pay with my phone, that would be need for plastics!! Keep these great articles coming!
    Doris Ganthier
  • A cashless, no card world works for me...and I'm sure those looking to leverage the stories transaction data tells will love it too!
    Deb Chase
  • How about a card that is a debit card when there is a balance, a credit card when there isn't or the consumer can select one or the other. This way they are carrying their CU with them or multiple purposes in one convenient card/
    Dennis D Degenhardt
  • The future is now.
  • This is a great intro into what we can expect in technology, even nearer than we think possible. A multi-services card? I'm all over that! I puposely shop at stores that allow me to show them my %off coupon at the cash stand from the screen of my smart phone. I would love to be able to pay with my phone too - and scrap the multiple cards I might have to carry. I am a 2 card carrying person. One debit and one credit - but if I could pay with my phone, I wouldn't be so limited. Great article, as always!