Feb. 22, 2012


  • This is a excellent article of what we should expect from the examination process. Actually, years ago the examination process would have been consistent with Randy's suggestions.

    NCUA went to a risk focused examination program. Their myopic view is only based on risk and not opportunity. I guess they do not think that missed opportunities are also risky!

    There is a great unintended consequence to NCUA's Risk-Focused Examination. The consequence is that credit unions are not competitive and are not adapting to needed changes.

    This is evidenced by the rise of payday lending and check cashing stores next to credit unions. The Treasurer of the United States is looking to allow companies like Wal-Mart to get bank charters so they can help the unbanked. This indicates that the Treasurer has determined that Credit unions are no longer part of the solution. I guess that makes them a part of the problem.
    Bill Brooks
  • Randy;

    You are spot on, yet despite all the BLOGs and commentary by folks like you and Chip, NCUA and the state examiners are dug in and will continue to act with impunity. The credit union CEO's I have spoken with are reluctant to speak publicly for fear of reprisal. Leadership at NCUA and state regulatory agencies has failed.

    I am working on a book that details events and actions by NCUA and the Florida OFR and my requests for any positive stories about those rogue agencies yielded nothing but horror stories.

    Unless and until CEO's and their Boards are willing to stand up for truth, honor and transparency, nothing will change. As soon as every credit union and their trade associations says we will never have a meeting with NCUA or OFR exmainers without our attorney and a tape recorder, nothing will change.
    Coach Tom
  • At this point there is not much I expect from NCUA except for it to continue to try to mico manage and over regulate (as the govt. does in every field under Obama.

    I considere NCUA to be a rogue agency that needs to have its wings trimmed.

    So---I just want them to do what they have to do and get out.!!
    Hank Dews