Dec. 29, 2008


  • Another key advantage some credit unions have over a decoupled card is the ability to avoid nuissance fees such as surcharges at ATMs. CUs in surcharge-free networks should tout those memberships now more than ever and let members know of the additional costs they will be encountering.
  • Another key item credit unions should share with their members is the competitive advantage the credit unions have in managing the fraud risk with the protection tools in place. (ie: Fraud Management System to alert the cu to suspect fraud on their member.) If the member has accounts at various FI''s, it will be hard to manage the cross channel fraud at a account transaction level.
  • Very timely. I had never even heard of "decoupled" cards.
  • Very informative.
  • The PayPal MasterCard-branded debit card is nothing new. In fact, my wife has been carrying one for a couple of years and it effectively pulls from the funding account (either a checking or credit card account) whenever the purchase exceeds the PayPal balance.