Sept. 5, 2011


  • This great movement exists today because people believed. If we give up our belief or our cooperative efforts, we are doomed. Thank you so much for holding up the beliefs. The movement can continue to flourish and help, if we believe it can.
    Carole Wight
  • Absolute inspiration! This is the gospel truth, Chip. My own father used to tell a very similar story about staying the course, don't listen to all the grumblers and naysayers. Always do your best and even if wealth doesn't come, you will still be improving and will finish stronger because you didn't give up and you were dedicated to the task. The key is to pay attention to indicators, but don't be dragged down by them. Now I work for an employer that has said the same thing: Show up for work everyday, do your best, and we will all be productive and have jobs. That's what we do here. I believe it. Someone wiser than me said, If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. I believe in the integrity and power of the credit union industry. Thanks for all you at Callahan do to keep us informed and moving forward.
  • Our society as great as it is (and it is!) is going through significant transition - from The US Postal service to, the local bookseller to Chik fil A - all over the spectrum and we struggle at the speed of the transition.

    There are plenty who think they know the 'only right answer' - one size never did fit all and it does so even less today - whether tea or progressive - the party is right for only some. To think otherwise is foolish.

    Our biggest challenge is 'fear itself'. If we abide with God we will build our way into the future. thanks for seeing and saying so.
    Ralph Jones
  • Great message! Thanks for reminding us that faith in what we do is critical and irreplaceable.
    Brian McVeigh
  • Very heartfelt and refreshing. John the Baptist was a solitary voice in the wilderness proclaiming the coming KING of kings. It takes strength and courage to speak out, but by faith in God, we can all have the strength and courage to stand firm on real truth instead of being tossed about by the changing winds day by day.
    Jo Anne Brashen
  • Well said Chip.

    The founding principles of this industry are biblical...helping those less fortunate. It's harder to adhere to the 50/50 (50% mission/50% business) tenet when the "other" 50% has been subject to so much scrutiny and inspection.

    Despite the downturn, credit unions that forget the importance of this balance are in danger of losing their uniqueness.

    Yes it does require faith. But without faith there is no hope. Without hope there is no future.

    Mark DeBellis