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Learn first hand from a credit union CEO the importance of sponsoring this year's Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run®.




You may be aware of recent news coverage regarding the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run , ® an annual event held in Washington, D.C to benefit Children's Miracle Network. Trade journal coverage and national press reports are on the rise as this high-profile event gains momentum.

Organized by Credit Union Miracle Day, Inc. (CUMD) – a partnership of credit unions and other sponsors from across the country dedicated to community service and awareness of the credit union movement on Capitol Hill – the run draws 12,000 competitors and worldwide attention.

I encourage you to join me today in sponsoring this event.

Why am I, Rod Staatz, and SECU involved?

Because, first and foremost, we wish to support the good works of Children's Miracle Network. Not only do CMN's 170 hospitals throughout North America help critically ill children without regard for ability to pay, but all funds generated by participating credit unions are directed back to their nearest Children's Hospital. Since its 2001 inception, CUMD, Inc. has donated $1.6 million to Children's Miracle Network.

CMN's charitable care standards are in keeping with our own ‘people helping people' philosophy, making this cause a natural fit for us and for all credit unions. And the benefits of involvement with the run go far beyond the geographic borders of the District of Columbia – support from credit unions across the U.S. is needed to further our exposure and strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill.

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run has provided credit unions significant publicity in our nation's capital and nationwide. It has also earned the endorsement of numerous U.S. Senators and Congressmen as well as recognition by NAFCU and CUNA. But our efforts are just beginning: CUMD has signed an agreement to continue sponsorship of the run through 2011. Won't you join me and more than 120 other sponsors to help continue our unified message to lawmakers in this critical time of bank attacks?

I could go on about the other benefits of sponsorship – the shoulder-to-shoulder competition with more than 400 Capitol Hill Congressmen, Senators and staffers; the popular gala preceding the event – but you can learn more at www.miracleday.org . Instead, I'll leave you to consider pledging your support and invite you to talk with me about this cause and the power of a united presence on Capitol Hill.

Rod Staatz is the CEO of SECU of Maryland and a Board Member of Credit Union Miracle Day



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Feb. 11, 2008


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