Zombie Marketing

IC FCU’s promotions take advantage of a recent craze for all things Zombie.


IC FCU ($452.7M, MA) is partnering with Compassed Creative Services Agency to create video marketing aimed at the elusive Gen Y demographic. With zombie books, movies, apps, and sensationalized news stories, zombies are increasingly popular among Gen Y. IC FCU is targeting its marketing to bring in more young members. See the full video here.




June 20, 2012


  • I have to say that IC deserves all the credit for this video. It is a departure from most of the financial videos that are out there and the results have proven the value of being open minded.

    Jim Pond

    Jim Pond
  • Zombies and credit unions played nice together in 2011 with an effort lead last year by PTP NEW MEDIA. They also had a choose your own adventure video that was pretty cool to play.
    Delena Dow