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By Amy Liesenfeld | June 21, 2004

During the ups and downs of the economy, total credit union employment has continued to grow at just over 4%. Since 1997, average salaries and benefits have also increased from $33,435 to $45,450 or a 4.48% per year.

By Amy Liesenfeld | June 14, 2004

During the ceremonies honoring President Reagan’s tenure during last week, his impact on the country and government were much discussed. However, perhaps no aspect of the economy owes more to Reagan’s philosophy of deregulation than the credit union movement.

By Amy Liesenfeld | Dec. 29, 2003

Credit unions are taking more interest in Account-to-Account (A2A) transfers, also commonly referred to as Member Directed ACH or inter-institutional transfers. This technology enables members to move their money freely from one institution to another over the Internet. This service transforms the member's share draft account into an e-checking account.


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By Amy Liesenfeld | Nov. 24, 2003

Most members want to hear from their credit union via email - as long as the messages are concise and well-written, and the credit union has secured permission first. Most credit unions have started requesting e-mail addresses on new member applications, at the branches and on the phone.

By Amy Liesenfeld | Nov. 10, 2003

Leading into the new year, the credit union system is undergoing significant change. The credit union industry has grown over $50 billion in assets despite the fact that there are 435 fewer credit unions this year than last. New peer groupings in Callahan's 2004 Credit Union Directory reflect the movement's growth, including the largest segment of the 82 credit unions now over $1 billion in assets.


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