Brandon Michaels

Brandon Michaels leads the awesome group of Mazumans at $490 million Mazuma Credit Union in Kansas City. He took the reins at the ripe-old age of 31 and looks forward to changing the credit union industry. Prior to serving as the President & CEO, he served as the chief financial officer for two years. Brandon moved to Kansas City from the California Bay Area, where he was the vice president of finance/chief financial officer at San Francisco Fire Credit Union.

Brandon is a third generation credit union CEO. Although Brandon grew up in the credit union movement, he worked three years for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as a bank examiner before making his formal entrance into the industry ... an industry he thought as a child, “you couldn’t pay me enough to work in this place!”

Brandon was recently recognized by the Credit Union Times as a Trailblazer 40-Below, a recognition awarded to credit union executives who are working at warp-speed to better the future of the credit union industry. Brandon is also a private pilot, an awesome dad to Charlotte and Kason, and a loving husband to his beautiful wife Kathi.


By Brandon Michaels | April 22, 2014

Credit unions lead the financial services industry with strategies that embrace corporate social responsibility. Best of all, CSR isn’t just feel-good PR; it’s a proven benefit for an institution’s own employees.

By Brandon Michaels | Jan. 24, 2014

The community benefits when young adults learn about common financial concepts; credit union team members can present economic education lessons through classes, workshops, contests, and events.

By Brandon Michaels | Dec. 17, 2013

A proper corporate social responsibility platform creates a win/win/win situation for the credit union, its members, and the community.


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By Brandon Michaels | Dec. 16, 2013

A properly designed CSR platform creates a win/win/win situation for the credit union, its members, and the community.


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