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By Carol Anne Burger | Aug. 15, 2005

Launching a multi-owned CUSO can be a challenge, but significant benefits await those with focus and perseverance.

By Carol Anne Burger | March 21, 2005

University of Wisconsin Credit Union in Madison with $730 million in assets have begun using RSS news feeds to update members on its monthly website content.

By Carol Anne Burger | June 7, 2004

When the Federal Reserve started to lower short-term interest rates in 2001 Tony Gilreath, chief financial officer of Founders Federal Credit Union, Lancaster, South Carolina said the CU’s board and management wasted no time. “We’re liability sensitive. We couldn’t afford a delayed reaction. Seeing the benefit of a lower coast of funds, we lowered rates, too,” said Gilreath. But that’s only one as


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By Carol Anne Burger | May 10, 2004

After reading a story about Nationwide Money Services, Inc., in CU Tech Talk, a credit union newsletter, Jeff Thompson, Web product marketing manager for Bronco FCU, Franklin, Va., called them about placing an ATM in the lobby of one of their select employee group hospitals. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

By Carol Anne Burger | April 26, 2004

Delta Employees Credit Union ( has undertaken several projects to create interactive membership applications, said Rob Elliott, project manager for the consumer lending and member services department. But in May, 2002 Elliott wrote what he said amounted to a “wish list” of what the perfect (or nearly perfect) system would do to speed interested Web browsers to fully qualified membership.


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