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By Charylene Ledbetter | Jan. 13, 2003

As more credit unions understand the growing importance of the Internet as a delivery channel, a strategic evolution is occurring. Leading credit unions are gradually moving their websites from simply providing brochureware to becoming a full self-service portal for members.

By Charylene Ledbetter | Jan. 6, 2003

E-statements are quickly becoming a must-have capability for leading credit unions. In one year, the number of credit unions responding to a Callahan & Associates survey that indicate they provide e-statements has more than doubled, growing from 19% to 45%.

By Charylene Ledbetter | Dec. 23, 2002

While the number of credit unions offering online lending has not increased significantly in the past year, more are providing enhanced functionalities like instant online loan approvals. Four out of ten credit unions responding to a recent Callahan & Associates survey now offer this enhancement, an increase of 40% over last year.


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By Charylene Ledbetter | Nov. 25, 2002

Online services will continue to play an important role in the growth and productivity of credit unions. Web capabilities are especially crucial for credit unions with a geographically dispersed membership due to overseas military service, multiple SEGs and/or community charter.

By Charylene Ledbetter | Oct. 28, 2002

As relationship based pricing has grown in popularity, more credit unions are planning elaborate ways to reward members for their loyalty. However, some credit unions have found that simple, uncomplicated programs yield the best results. Not only are simpler programs easier for members to understand, credit union staff find the marketing


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