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By Richard Hutchins | Dec. 15, 2003

Callahans has had its hands on third quarter data for a week and that was just enough time to produce another first-rate Trendwatch call, sponsored by Liberty. This quarter's Trendwatch was presented by John Olivo from Goldman & Sachs, Chip Filson, President of Callahan & Associates, Tom Swierzy, CEO of SB1 credit union, and Alan MacEachin, Manager of Investments for Navy Federal Credit Union.

By Richard Hutchins | Dec. 8, 2003

Credit unions, banks, and thrifts all had outstanding performances in 2003. While credit unions experienced the highest asset growth of 11.11% for the year, the cooperative movement still accounts for only 6.3% of all deposits. Each sector posted excellent returns on their assets, with banks leading the way at 1.39%, a 19 basis point increase from 2001.

By Richard Hutchins | Nov. 24, 2003

Amid a declining interest rate environment, the 938 credit unions participating in Callahan & Associates' First Look program have had their cost of funds ratio fall 78 basis points between June 30,2002 and September 30, 2003. Over the past three months, however, the rate of decrease among these credit unions has tapered off, and since June 30 of this year, has fallen only 8 basis points.


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By Richard Hutchins | Oct. 27, 2003

Take a look at Wright-Patt Credit Union in Fairborn, Ohio. With about $1B in assets, and 145,000 members, Wright-Patt has changed their pricing structure for bill pay. Originally charging $4.95-7.95 per month depending on the type of checking account, Wright-Patt decided to offer bill pay for free as of August 2002. After the pricing change active usage of their bill pay service rose from 528 to 2

By Richard Hutchins | Oct. 13, 2003

Removing barriers and improving members' understanding of online bill pay is essential to winning over members to your bill pay service. The more barriers you eliminate, the more likely a member is to adopt your service and stick with it.


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