Sam Taft

Sam Taft is the Associate Vice President of Analytics at Callahan & Associates. He leads the firm’s analytical efforts and oversees a team of four industry analysts. Sam also facilitates consulting engagements and strategic planning sessions with credit unions, offers topical insights during industry speeches, and hosts webinars focused on trend analysis.

Sam joined Callahan in 2015, bringing with him more than eight years of financial industry experience. He works diligently to improve internal processes and increase throughput with the ultimate goal of enabling the Callahan team to spend more time with clients. Sam also holds FINRA series 6 and 63 licenses and manages the business development efforts for Callahan Financial Services, distributor of the Trust for Credit Unions, a family of mutual funds designed by and for credit unions.

Finding purpose and confronting challenges are major drivers for Sam. In terms of purpose, Sam’s efforts at Callahan are integral in helping the firm’s clients improve their businesses, which, in turn, helps them improve the financial lives of the members they serve. As for challenges, Sam sees the unique position credit unions hold in society, and strives to help the movement’s leaders discover new ways to achieve their mission.

Sam grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, but has lived all over the United States — citing each and every move with offering new experiences and guiding his interests for the next phase of life. He’s an avid skier and jumps at the chance to spend time outside. He and his wife of three years have two rescue dogs that keep the couple busy. Despite the sometimes-hectic pace of work and home, Sam makes it a priority to step back and enjoy the world around him — finding ultimate fulfilment in a life well-balanced.


By Sam Taft | Sept. 8, 2020

Investment balances were up 19.2% from the first quarter as consumer uncertainty powers growth in core deposits.

By Sam Taft | June 30, 2020

Following one of the most productive lending years in the history of the credit union movement, the first quarter of 2020 offered new challenges. But strong mortgage originations negated a pullback in consumer lending to push overall loan balances higher.

By Sam Taft | June 30, 2020

The longest economic expansionary period in U.S. history has come to an end. What else should credit unions know at first quarter?


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By Sam Taft | June 8, 2020

Cooperatives keep their sights on short-term investments as cash balances grow and participation in derivative programs declines.

By Sam Taft | June 2, 2020

Credit unions report the largest quarterly increase in investment balances on record as cash balances surge amid economic uncertainty and rate cuts push down investment yield.


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