Scott Patterson

Scott is the co-founder and President of Credit Union Student Choice, a private, credit union-owned student lending CUSO, and a Partner at Callahan & Associates. He has nearly 20 years of credit union industry experience and is deeply passionate about exploring the opportunities credit unions have to better serve their members. His motivation to start Credit Union Student Choice was driven by the need for credit union members to have access to fair-value financial aid through their local credit union. Scott’s drive for best-in-class service strategies has helped tens of thousands of students with their dream of attaining a higher education degree and in turn have empowered their future career opportunities.

Scott started in the industry as an internet strategy consultant for the Credit Union Online Organizational Link CUSO in 1996 and moved to Callahan in 1999 to launch Starting in 2007, he led the Callahan Analytics department, overseeing Callahan’s proprietary financial performance programs Peer-to-Peer and

He holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and economics with a minor in Chinese language from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and an MBA from the University of Oxford’s SAID Business School in England.


By Scott Patterson | Jan. 23, 2017

How automated automobiles threaten to disrupt American society and the credit union business.

By Scott Patterson | Aug. 17, 2015

How do you connect with millennial members whose future is so entirely … to be determined?

By Scott Patterson | March 23, 2015

Don’t let staff intransigence create digital divides that impede new products or imperil growth.


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By Scott Patterson | Oct. 22, 2014

What the CFPB got right, and wrong, in its 2014 Student Loan Ombudsman's Annual Report.

By Scott Patterson | Feb. 1, 2014

As credit union services and solutions become increasingly tech-focused, you need the right people helping to make the best business decisions.


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