Sean Hession


Sean Hession, CEO & President of Callahan & Associates, is a successful entrepreneur who cofounded a healthcare transaction processing company and grew it to 40 million in annual revenue in five years. He leads from his conducting skills, allowing him to visualize the full picture and harmonize the skills and strengths within a company.

With over 25 years as a General Manager of small and mid-size business. For 10 years, Sean managed both line and staff positions for a Midwestern financial institution. Having worked in multiple industries, Sean's strength resides in strategy and planning to ensure goals and objectives are met.

Sean's passion is music which began in high school drama class where he met Jerry Lewis who came to speak to his spring musical cast. Mr. Lewis spoke of everything but his career has he talked about life and passion to fresh faced teenagers. Today, Sean actively pursues his passion by signing in his church choir and the National Men's Choir. 


By Sean Hession | Sept. 25, 2013

How credit unions can become preeminent financial institutions for American consumers.

By Sean Hession | Aug. 7, 2013

Unlocking your board’s full potential is a complex undertaking. Without board confidence, no governance model will be successful.

By Sean Hession | Feb. 7, 2013

Smaller credit unions historically relied on corporates. Are there steps a cooperative industry can take to aid these credit unions in their portfolio management?


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