Timothy Kolk

Timothy Kolk is a 15-year-veteran of the credit card industry.Today, he runs TRK Advisors in Peterborough, NH. He has been managing partner at Brookwood Capital and head of finance for M&T Bank’s credit card program. He has analyzed more than 300 credit card programs and is considered a leading expert on credit card program design, portfolio optimization, and program profitability management.


By Timothy Kolk | April 2, 2018

More than 75% of credit union credit card issuers grew at a below-average rate in 2017. How can cooperatives buck this trend in 2018?

By Timothy Kolk | Nov. 13, 2017

A razor-sharp focus on four areas of credit card lending helps credit unions operate a program that supports critical priorities, provides income, and deepens member relationships.

By Timothy Kolk | Nov. 9, 2015

There are three broad credit card management options that carry their own advantages and considerations.


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By Timothy Kolk | Feb. 2, 2015

Credit card programs need constant attention to remain engaging and competitive.

By Timothy Kolk | Sept. 3, 2014

Tim Kolk of TRK Advisors discusses credit card program reporting strategies in this Credit Card Management School webinar.


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