Every year, senior leaders at Callahan & Associates choose a big idea to explore. This year, they’re going all in on one big idea and using that idea to frame discussions about the industry.

That idea is: Is your credit union asking the tough questions?

Here, the Callahan team shares different ways of thinking about tough questions. These pieces show how large trends are relevant to the credit union industry, push leaders to learn how to frame new strategies, and help credit unions pinpoint what they do well and what they should do better. 

How Do Credit Unions Counter Fake News?

Banks are peddling a false narrative about credit unions based on real facts. To counter this, focus on a public narrative about mission.
By Chris Howard

The Threat And Opportunity In The Gig Economy

It’s time to ask questions and think strategically about how to help this fast-growing segment of the American workforce. 
By Alix Patterson

How Well Do You Tell The Credit Union Story?

The movement’s future requires daily attention to sharing its present impact.
By Jay Johnson

What's Your Sign?

Seeing a northern Virginia farm go bold prompts considerations of what credit unions can tell their members and their communities.
By Katy Slater

Who Will Be Our Mr. Rogers?

The credit union movement needs to tell its small stories, the ones that bankers can't tell.
By Chris Howard

What Would Mr. Rogers Say?

A half-century after he helped save public broadcasting, what can the TV icon, and my family friend, teach the credit union movement in its own moment of crisis?
By Jon Jeffreys

How Do Credit Unions Measure Success?

Financial institutions are in the numbers business, but credit unions must also look beyond metrics like growth, share, and loss.
By Jay Johnson

Words Matter As Bankers Target Big Credit Unions' Tax Exemption

Credit unions need to redefine the debate to clarify the difference between for-profit banks and member-owned financial cooperatives.
By Chris Howard

If A Tree Falls In A Forest, Can It Be Taxed?

Credit unions don't want to lose their tax exemption, but does the movement take the time to explain member-ownership? And why it matters?
By Chris Howard

Credit Unions Matter. But Do Members Care?

If members don't think their credit union is relevant, sooner or later, it won't be.
By Chris Howard

A Question Of Culture

Whether a credit union's staff and leadership is comfortable going off script to solve member problems is a matter of culture.
By Katy Slater

The Ripcord Of Relevance

Get relevant or crash to the ground. Choose wisely.
By Jon Jeffreys

Asking 'Why' Is The Beginning Of Sustainable Growth

Perception is a powerful reality in a world of commoditized financial service offerings.
By Jon Jeffreys

It's Not Just About The Money

Visits with management teams at six credit unions uncovered different riffs on the same thee: Now's the time and we're the people.
By Jay Johnson

Do You Deserve The Dough?

The CEO of the world’s largest investment house says businesses must prove they’ve got more in mind than short-term plays. 
By Jon Jeffreys

CUbroadcast Highlights Big Idea For 2018

Callahan's managing partner unveils the focus of the firm's annual Big Idea series and discusses the need for credit unions to ask the tough questions.
By Jon Jeffreys

Are Credit Unions 'All' About Their Members?

When was the last time your credit union asked members what they want? Bringing them into the conversation is one way to develop a truly member-centric lens.
By Alix Patterson

A Big Idea For 2018: Asking Tough Questions

How can credit unions push the movement forward? By tackling tough questions and discovering the right, not easy, answers.
By Jon Jeffreys



What’s The Big Idea?

Asking tough questions requires honest assessment, introspection, and consultation. It’s an arduous process, but tough questions demand nothing less. Are you asking tough questions? Callahan’s Strategy Lab helps credit unions think differently about how to frame challenges and develop answers. Learn more today.

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