How To Sell To Today's Credit Unions (Intro)

This series will provide tips, tricks, and insights from Callahan that’ll help you successfully sell to credit unions.

Salvador Lopez

By Salvador Lopez


Credit unions are a breed apart, and Callahan has been there for more than 30 years. This weekly series of tips, tricks, and insights draws on what we’ve learned from them, and what you need to know to drive adoption of your products and services by this unique, and growing, niche

Welcome To How To Sell To Today's Credit Unions

You can find almost anything on the internet. Pictures of cats in tuxedos, recipes for tofu zucchini lasagna (yum?), and the list goes on. But you know what you can’t find? Best practices and advice on how organizations like yours can more successfully sell specifically to credit unions.

The How To Sell To Today's Credit Unions series by Callahan & Associates is here to fill that void.

This three-part series will breakdown the must-do’s for winning more credit union clients. First, you’ll learn how to identify credit union prospects that are most likely to purchase your solutions. Second, you’ll get advice on diving deeper into the data to learn about these credit unions. Finally, you’ll find out how to personalize and position your approach before reaching out.

This series will help your organization take full advantage of a credit union market that’s growing stronger by the day. The numbers bear it out:

  • Credit unions are on pace for another record year in terms of asset (7.2%), membership (4.4%), loan (10.9%), and share (8.2%) growth.
  • Consumers are increasingly making credit unions their primary financial institution, with the average member relationship expanding 8.2% year-over-year as of 2Q 2017.
  • Safety and soundness is apparent as total delinquency is 19 basis points lower than community banks and 48 basis points lower than all banks.

Whether you’re new to the credit union space or simply want to capture greater market share, you’ll gain valuable insight from the series. Credit unions are unique in the realm of financial services. After reading this series, you’ll be better equipped to succeed within the credit union space.

A new article featuring data-based insights and tips will be posted each week.

Happy reading and happy selling!

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Feb. 22, 2018



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