Introducing A New Way To Turn Ideas Into Action

Credit Union Strategy & Performance gets a facelift for 2017 and pushes a model for sharing credit union best practices to the next level.


Fourth quarter 2016 marked the tenth anniversary of Callahan’s Credit Union Strategy & Performance, the industry's only strategy-oriented publication that provides a 360-degree view of the modern credit union marketplace.

Over the past decade, Callahan has experimented with different topics, formats, and departments as it continually evolves the publication to reflect what’s happening in the credit union space. And starting with the first quarter 2017 issue, readers will see the next iteration of Strategy & Performance.

From now on, the publication will contain a razor sharp focus on the content most desired by readers — performance insights and strategies. Readers will still find all the great data and graphs that make envisioning performance trends easy. But now the Industry Performance categories —think lending, shares, earnings, etc. — will also contain a breakdown of region and asset classes as well as national developments. And instead of sprinkling credit union-vetted strategies throughout the publication, readers will find tried-and-true practices for each category on adjoining pages.

Another exciting enhancement for avid readers of Credit Union Strategy & Performance is the new treatment for the pub’s Ideas In Action section. IIA will no longer be a static collection of articles available only in the publication. Instead, it now lives on And every quarter, we’ll take a deep dive into the topics that matter with webinars, data benchmarking features, examinations of credit union practices, Callahan Collections, access to exclusive archived content, and more.

Callahan kicked off the new and improved Ideas In Action during the first quarter 2017 with a thorough study of how to measure member value. If you haven’t heard about Callahan’s comprehensive scoring system of member value — Return Of The Member or ROM — then now’s the time to beef up on it.  

Visit today to learn more about ROM, discover which industry players lead the pack, find out where your credit union scores, read about ways to improve ROM, and more.

In some ways, credit unions were the original disruptors, providing credit and liquidity to Americans during one of the darkest periods of our history, the Great Depression. This innovative movement disrupted the traditional banking sector by showing members they mattered and returning value for their participation in the cooperative.

Those same ideals drive today’s credit union industry more than 100 years later. Although showing off financial safety and soundness is important, so, too, is underscoring why a credit union is more than just another financial services provider. ROM does just that, and Callahan is proud to launch Ideas In Action with a look at the only metric in the industry that measures member value.

A lot is happening within Callahan’s suite of media products. We’re happy you’re along for the ride.