Marketing To Credit Unions 101

The credit union movement presents its fair share of challenges in crafting marketing messages that resonate. This three-article series is here to help.


When I started working in marketing at Callahan & Associates, I didn’t know much about credit unions. Sure, I worked as a teller at a Florida credit union in college, but back then I was more worried about balancing my drawer and locking myself in the vault than I was on learning the ins and outs of the industry.

It didn't take long to realize how special the industry is. With its focus on members and community, it really is a movement. However, it's a movement that can be difficult to navigate as a marketer.

A steady stream of mergers means there are fewer and fewer institutions to reach. Messaging that works in other industries — even with banks — rarely resonate here. And top executives frequently have responsibilities not evident from their title. Add continuous regulatory shifts to the mix, and it’s a tough market to pin down.

That’s the reason behind this series, Marketing To Credit Unions 101.

Each post shows marketers how to maximize efforts in three distinct areas to reach a valuable credit union audience.

Read this on for strategies to increase the quantity and quality of your credit union leads as well as improve your brand's positioning and awareness.



March 2, 2021



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