Attendees Of The 1984 National Examiners' Conference

More than 2,500 participants attended the 1984 National Examiners' Conference to "share expertise and experience.” Here are photos of a few of them.


Thirty years ago this week, in December 1984, NCUA conceived and held the largest ever credit union conference. The unprecedented gathering in Las Vegas included every federal regulator and examiner, most state regulators and field staff, volunteers and managers from 800 credit unions, and trade association officials. More than 2,500 participants attended the conference to “share expertise and experience.” NCUA had to limit credit unions to two registrants only, and even then, the conference reached its capacity two months before it began.

Can you name the attendees of the 1984 National Examiner's Conference?


A) Rex Johnson; B) Barry Jollette


C) Ed Callahan; D) Martha Seeger


E) Mike Rielly, Alan Carver; F) Mary Dunn


Dec. 9, 2014



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