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By Jason Haley | July 9, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jason Haley | June 10, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jay Johnson | May 7, 2020

Callahan’s new video series provides strategic insights to help today’s credit unions prepare for tomorrow’s planning sessions.


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By Jason Haley | May 6, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Katy Slater | April 20, 2020

Uncertainties shouldn’t dissuade an honest reflection on whether leadership teams have the right tools to tackle the tasks at hand.

By Jason Haley | April 6, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Callahan & Associates | April 3, 2020

Now is the time for credit unions to distinguish themselves by being part of the solution to the challenges our society is facing.

By Jason Haley | March 4, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jason Haley | Feb. 6, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 20, 2020

More purpose trumps maximizing profit at the world’s largest asset manager. Member-owned financial cooperatives should take note.

By Jason Haley | Jan. 13, 2020

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 8, 2020

A collaborative culture that sticks to old principles while embracing innovation remains a key to the movement’s responsiveness and relevance.

By Katy Slater | Jan. 8, 2020

Credit unions have been making decisions based on perceived outcomes rather than purpose. That needs to change.

By Alix Patterson | Jan. 8, 2020

A 2020 challenge: How to deepen relationships between staff, members, and the tech tools that bind, or separate, them.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 7, 2020

Strategic decisions made around three essential elements will prove critical to the future success of the credit union movement.

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 30, 2019

The most successful decade in the history of the movement is coming to an end. How can credit unions prepare for what comes next?

By Jason Haley | Dec. 5, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jason Haley | Nov. 7, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Katy Slater | Oct. 14, 2019

Many credit unions talk about mission, vision, and values. But even a guiding light requires people to look up and follow it.

By Jason Haley | Oct. 7, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Alexandra Gekas | Sept. 30, 2019

Planning and variety go a long way in helping credit unions steadily create content that showcases their brand and humanity without breaking the budget.

By Timothy Kolk | Sept. 23, 2019

These partnerships can serve members and the credit union, or they can damage the cooperative. There is no one right answer for everyone, but there is a wrong approach.

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 20, 2019

Credit unions must ensure they are effectively serving current members while positioning themselves for the next iteration of financial services.

By Alix Patterson | Sept. 18, 2019

The mobile-only bank’s marketing gambit provides lessons in how to make lemonade out of lemons.

By Jennifer Davis | Sept. 16, 2019

Small improvements can add up to big value for credit union products and services.

By Timothy Kolk | Sept. 9, 2019

Credit unions will face headwinds in the coming year, but a well-managed credit card portfolio can weather the storm.

By Jason Haley | Sept. 4, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jason Haley | Aug. 7, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jason Haley | July 8, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 24, 2019

These key do’s and don’ts will help any credit union build a superior member experience program in a snap.

By Jay Johnson | June 24, 2019

Now’s the time to go beyond financial metrics to measure — and empower — employee, member, and community impact.

By Jason Haley | June 7, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chris Howard | May 14, 2019

Real strategy sets the credit union’s course for a decade or more and helps decision-makers determine where to invest and how to grow. It deserves undivided attention.

By Jason Haley | May 3, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jay Johnson | April 29, 2019

With a decade of hindsight in the bank, what have credit unions learned from the Great Recession, and are they ready for the next one?

By Jay Johnson | April 8, 2019

For credit unions to continue their strong performance in 2019 and beyond, they must focus on the needs of members as well as on the needs of those serving members.

By Jason Haley | April 3, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chip Filson | March 18, 2019

Callahan & Associates co-founder leaves a legacy larger than the sum of his considerable accomplishments. This is an ideal time to remember the Irishman's defense of leadership for the greater good.

By Chip Filson | March 7, 2019

The regulator blames the victim while selling out credit union members when they need their credit unions most.

By Jason Haley | March 6, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Katy Slater | Feb. 25, 2019

Doing the right thing is a business model that combines profit, passion, and the pursuit of happiness.

By Alix Patterson | Feb. 19, 2019

Credit unions should harness the power of technology to provide real-time updates on their financial and social impact.

By Jason Haley | Feb. 5, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 5, 2019

Salad and scotch isn’t the real issue at the regulator. The real issue is how it liquidated taxi medallion lenders and borrowers to top up its own budget with TCCUSF recoveries.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 25, 2019

The regulator’s war on concentration risk belies the reality that all credit unions have niches and concentrations, and it's an excuse not to creatively seek workouts in the cooperative spirit.

By Jason Haley | Jan. 4, 2019

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 1, 2019

Lost momentum is hard to get back, and the loss of forward momentum in the U.S. economy has become entrenched.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 1, 2019

Credit unions must deliver ever-greater value to their members. This requires constant investment that is made easier, and more successful, by collaboration.

By Jason Haley | Dec. 6, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Jon Jeffreys | Nov. 12, 2018

A Mr. Rogers commencement speech shows how business theories can inspire the human dimension of credit union service.

By Alix Patterson | Oct. 30, 2018

Credit unions with a core processing platform and basic business intelligence software can start identifying missed opportunities today.

By Jay Johnson | Oct. 15, 2018

Taking time throughout the year to discuss the credit union’s strategic direction will help leaders address changes to the landscape as they occur.

By Jason Haley | Oct. 3, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 1, 2018

Industry leaders don’t need a crystal ball to see the future. It’s written in auto, jobs, and housing.

By Katy Slater | Sept. 24, 2018

Challenging the reticent and pushing for actionable insight from naysayers can enliven a stagnant feedback loop and push company culture forward.

By Jason Haley | Sept. 7, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 3, 2018

The weeklong desert festival offers deep insights on sustaining a cooperative movement.

By Jay Johnson | Aug. 27, 2018

Credit unions can’t predict the future, but they can prepare for it by thinking about how to respond to change.

By Katy Slater | Aug. 21, 2018

A family reunion fracas spurs some thought about why it's important to prepare everyone in an organization to tell its story.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 13, 2018

Modern marketing connects on values, not stuff. Credit unions can do that by telling their story better.

By Jason Haley | Aug. 6, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chris Howard | July 30, 2018

Credit unions are different, and better. Consumers are catching on, but market share indicates untapped opportunity awaits.

By Katy Slater | July 23, 2018

Growing a productive company culture requires different care for “annuals” and “perennials.”

By Chip Filson | July 19, 2018

Shiny coin of $736 million does little to disguise the regulator’s $21.7 billion error at the cost to America’s credit unions.

By Alix Patterson | July 16, 2018

Three behavioral economics concepts can boost savings during a liquidity crunch.

By Jon Jeffreys | July 9, 2018

The industry is safe, but it’s not sound. Today’s political climate is right for the regulator to take on a new role as the movement’s champion.

By Chip Filson | July 3, 2018

Profits aren’t un-American, but empowering economic freedom is the difference-maker in the credit union brand of patriotism.

By Jay Johnson | July 2, 2018

To meet consumer expectations in the digital space, credit unions must think differently about their entire operation, not just technology platforms.

By Dwight Johnston | July 1, 2018

Look at the shape of the yield curve within the context of other factors in the economy and not as a stand-alone predictor of recession.

By Katy Slater | June 25, 2018

Defining what makes the credit union different can be the key to ensuring employees articulate that difference in word and deed.

By Chris Howard | June 19, 2018

Two conferences this spring bring to light five ideas that credit unions can use.

By Alix Patterson | June 11, 2018

The smart use of data analytics can turn a credit union’s communications strategy from potentially creepy into authentically clever.

By Jason Haley | June 6, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Chris Howard | May 29, 2018

Credit unions narrowly escaped taxation in the Hawkeye State, but other battles are underway, and the war is far from won.

By Alix Patterson | May 21, 2018

Credit union title changes demonstrate the movement's stance on member service.

By Chip Filson | May 16, 2018

The regulator kept the corporate crisis bailout money for itself, further undermining the pillars of the cooperative system. Does anybody care?

By Jay Johnson | May 14, 2018

Organizations that are willing to think ahead — and put time and money toward creating new solutions to old challenges — are often those that outperform their peers.

By Katy Slater | May 7, 2018

A book about culture prompts deeper thinking about the importance of multiple teams in support of the movement.

By Chris Howard | April 30, 2018

The process of strategy requires year-long attention.

By Alix Patterson | April 17, 2018

Designing products that serve the "predictably irrational” is the new path to putting members first.

By Jon Jeffreys | April 16, 2018

Re-usable booster rockets deliver a powerful lesson about sustainability and strategic thought in the credit union space.

By Chris Howard | April 11, 2018

Banks are peddling a false narrative about credit unions based on real facts. To counter this, focus on a public narrative about mission.

By Alix Patterson | April 2, 2018

It’s time to ask questions and think strategically about how to help this fast-growing segment of the American workforce.

By Chris Howard | April 2, 2018

A common bond across space and time is still a bond. Credit unions must make the case for millennials and beyond.

By Jason Haley | April 2, 2018

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Timothy Kolk | April 2, 2018

More than 75% of credit union credit card issuers grew at a below-average rate in 2017. How can cooperatives buck this trend in 2018?

By Dwight Johnston | March 29, 2018

The lion ate the lamb for dinner, but on this last day of the month, the stock market is finally quiet.

By Jay Johnson | March 26, 2018

The movement’s future requires daily attention to sharing its present impact.

By Dwight Johnston | March 22, 2018

Trade news is back in the spotlight after the Trump Administration announced $50 billion in new tariffs aimed directly at China.

By Katy Slater | March 19, 2018

Seeing a northern Virginia farm go bold prompts considerations of what credit unions can tell their members and their communities.

By Dwight Johnston | March 15, 2018

The trade story is not done. It’s just in intermission.

By Chris Howard | March 12, 2018

The credit union movement needs to tell its small stories, the ones that bankers can't tell.

By Jason Haley | March 7, 2018

What market drivers could also impact the credit union investment portfolio?

By Jon Jeffreys | March 6, 2018

A half-century after he helped save public broadcasting, what can the TV icon, and my family friend, teach the credit union movement in its own moment of crisis?

By Jay Johnson | March 5, 2018

Financial institutions are in the numbers business, but credit unions must also look beyond metrics like growth, share, and loss.

By Jay Johnson | March 1, 2018

How credit unions define their mission, and the actions they take to deliver on it, creates member value as well as a distinct competitive advantage for the movement.

By Dwight Johnston | March 1, 2018

Whether inflation swells or holds steady in the coming year relies on two variables.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 27, 2018

Huge new reserves for the NCUSIF appear as if from nowhere while credit unions get peanuts from the corporate credit union bailout.

By Chris Howard | Feb. 26, 2018

If members don’t think their credit union is relevant, sooner or later, it won’t be.

By Chris Howard | Feb. 26, 2018

Credit unions need to redefine the debate to clarify the difference between for-profit banks and member-owned financial cooperatives.

By Katy Slater | Feb. 20, 2018

Whether a credit union's staff and leadership is comfortable going off script to solve member problems is a matter of culture.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 19, 2018

The NCUA board touts its payback to credit unions, but soaring reserves hide a different story.

By Chris Howard | Feb. 12, 2018

Credit unions don't want to lose their tax exemption, but does the movement take the time to explain member-ownership? And why it matters?

By Jason Haley | Feb. 5, 2018

What market drivers could also impact the credit union investment portfolio?

By Jon Jeffreys | Feb. 5, 2018

Get relevant or crash to the ground. Choose wisely.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 31, 2018

Hike the Hill, demand change, join together to encourage state and federal lawmakers to step in and save the system from the regulators.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 29, 2018

The mega bank's new low-balance fee looks like a tax on those who can afford it least. How will consumers, and credit unions, react?

By Chip Filson | Jan. 26, 2018

The regulator listens to no one but itself — keeping more and spending more while the FDIC shrinks. Now, the fund owners have the means to model the fund’s performance.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 23, 2018

The CEO of the world’s largest investment house says businesses must prove they’ve got more in mind than short-term plays.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 19, 2018

How will independent experts view the NCUA’s merger of the corporate credit union bailout leftovers into the share fund?

By Chip Filson | Jan. 19, 2018

Creating future accounting fictions is at the core of the regulator’s rationale for paying itself more and returning less to credit unions.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 18, 2018

Visits with management teams at six credit unions uncovered different riffs on the same theme: Now’s the time and we’re the people.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 18, 2018

Plus, a congressional spending bill vote looms.

By Alix Patterson | Jan. 17, 2018

When was the last time your credit union asked members what they want? Bringing them into the conversation is one way to develop a truly member-centric lens.

By Randy Karnes | Jan. 17, 2018

Refocus and avoid the trap of price creep.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 9, 2018

How can credit unions push the movement forward? By tackling tough questions and discovering the right, not easy, answers.

By Jason Haley | Jan. 9, 2018

This monthly market commentary helps credit unions look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving market trends that could impact the investment portfolio.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 1, 2017

A change in the funds rate and 10-year note would bring the yield curve back into the realm of normal after years of being out of bounds.

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 1, 2017

What solutions could the future hold if the movement's institutions leveraged their community connections to further the well-being of all involved?

By Jon Jeffreys | Dec. 1, 2017

Perception is a powerful reality in a world of commoditized financial service offerings.

By Jason Haley | Nov. 21, 2017

This insightful monthly market commentary will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 16, 2017

Why we might not see a higher funds rate next year.

By Timothy Kolk | Nov. 13, 2017

A razor-sharp focus on four areas of credit card lending helps credit unions operate a program that supports critical priorities, provides income, and deepens member relationships.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 10, 2017

What the potential for tax reform means for the stock market.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 2, 2017

And what we can expect of the new Fed Chairman.

By Chip Filson | Oct. 26, 2017

Are you willing to get involved in saving the NCUA from itself and the credit union movement for future generations?

By Chip Filson | Oct. 26, 2017

Keeping credit unions’ money for itself in the corporate bailout fund merger is the last straw — NCUA’s self-interest trumped its cooperative responsibility.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 19, 2017

1987 and 2017 share at least one common trait, but remembering Black Monday is not to create fear. It's to encourage watchfulness.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 12, 2017

After four consecutive weeks of losses for bonds, the bond market has been up each day this week. Will tomorrow's consumer price index release bring that streak to a halt?

By Jon Jeffreys | Oct. 6, 2017

Reflections on what credit unions can do to build community and commitment — and re-create themselves along the way.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 5, 2017

Friday’s jobs report will be messy and easily forgotten. Traders will go through the motions of reacting, but the numbers will have no staying power.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 28, 2017

Don’t be the first or the last financial institution on the block to raise rates.

By Chip Filson | Sept. 22, 2017

The NCUA does not need to keep credit union corporate bailout money, if the past is still prologue.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 22, 2017

The markets react mildly to yesterday's Fed meeting.

By Liz Furman | Sept. 22, 2017

The much-publicized Google memo got me thinking. Finance is a traditionally male-dominated field. In credit union land, 51.4% of CEOs are female yet collectively manage only 18.5% of the industry’s assets.

By Chip Filson | Sept. 19, 2017

Free from congressional oversight, how will the still-independent NCUA answer calls for its own financial answerability?

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 18, 2017

Interchange income at credit unions swaps places with punitive fees as a growing driver of industry revenue.

By Leo P. Vaulin | Sept. 11, 2017

A CEO explains why his CUSO postponed its annual conference — aiding in hurricane recovery efforts and living cooperative ideals is just the beginning.

By Tim Mislansky | Sept. 7, 2017

Remember the 90s? That's the last time first-time homebuyers purchased homes at the same level as second quarter 2017.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 7, 2017

Uncertainties regarding a new Fed chair, the debt ceiling, budget, and tax reform make it unlikely there will be a carefree Christmas.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 5, 2017

Each credit union needs to develop its own best practices for board governance, but there are some critical common themes.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 5, 2017

Each credit union needs to develop its own best practices for board governance, but there are some critical common themes.

By Jon Jeffreys | Sept. 4, 2017

Small can be mighty when it comes to stealing market share and serving it better than the banks.

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 1, 2017

Eliminating barriers and connecting with members distinguishes credit unions from other financial institutions and makes the movement stronger than it’s ever been.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 1, 2017

With housing trends skewing national in scope, concerns arise that a bubble could blow up.

By Alix Patterson | Sept. 1, 2017

It's no longer IF, but WHEN. Autonomous cars are coming. Are credit unions ready to respond?

By Chip Filson | Aug. 30, 2017

The regulator is offering a rare opportunity for input on how it handles billions in credit unions’ money, but the movement better move fast.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 25, 2017

Merging the TCCUSF and NCUSIF is a good idea. But don’t let NCUA fool you into keeping $1 billion of your members’ money.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 24, 2017

Here’s how and why to learn more and then speak out about the NCUA’s proposed merger of the corporate credit union and share insurance funds. Plus, attend our webinar.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 24, 2017

Stocks, bonds, and the debt ceiling. There's a lot fueling a sense of economic uneasiness.

By Jon Jeffreys | Aug. 9, 2017

An analysis of home values by ZIP code could topple the assumption that owning a home remains the best of investments.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 3, 2017

A snapshot of the bond market reveals bullish speculators are back.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 2, 2017

Payouts to senior managers after the PenFed takeover of Belvoir FCU also show need for transparency.

By Dwight Johnston | July 27, 2017

Yesterday's FOMC statement has bond traders thinking Fed tightening might be over.

By Dwight Johnston | July 20, 2017

Speculative bond traders see in Europe the opportunity to put the market back on track.

By Jim Blaine | July 11, 2017

Jim Blaine remembers the man who made a major mark in his St. Louis community and well beyond.

By Dwight Johnston | July 6, 2017

Why some traders are worried about President Trump’s visit to Europe for the G-20 summit.

By Jon Jeffreys | July 3, 2017

While the NCUA and the industry examines the merger process, maybe it’s time to consider providing a way for credit unions considering going away to save their value and re-deploy it for the common good.

By Chip Filson | July 3, 2017

A Keystone State credit union vanishes to merger but not without a fight.

By Jay Johnson | July 3, 2017

The success of both the credit union and the member should increase as their relationship deepens over time.

By Dwight Johnston | July 1, 2017

Shorter-term rates have moved higher, but the bumps in the overnight rate have had little impact past the two-year note.

By Chris Howard | July 1, 2017

Ongoing planning beats static plans every time. Now’s the time to learn the practice of real strategic thinking.

By Chip Filson | June 30, 2017

A look at one recent merger shows how information shared and withheld can influence the outcome: the disappearance of yet another credit union with a proud, long history.

By Jamie Maurer | June 29, 2017

Answering that question and focusing on jobs to be done can create a more fruitful credit union-member relationship.

By Chip Filson | June 26, 2017

The proposed NCUA rule would require payoffs to take place in the open, exposing merger deals to transparency before members give away millions in equity and member value.

By Dwight Johnston | June 22, 2017

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is not a game-changer for inflation or Fed policy.

By Jon Jeffreys | June 21, 2017

Innovating to provide specific answers to questions like, “How have your members’ lives changed for the better since they signed up with you?”

By Jon Jeffreys | June 15, 2017

Professional sports team offer insight into how to support this critical element of success.

By Dwight Johnston | June 8, 2017

Thursday offers a lineup of three possible threats to the markets.

By Tim Mislansky | May 29, 2017

The housing market is hot right now. Here's what credit unions can do to make homeownership a reality for members.

By Alix Patterson | May 22, 2017

Summer is the perfect time to think strategically about how the credit union will tackle strategic planning in the fall.

By Dwight Johnston | May 18, 2017

Three ways the special investigation into Trump’s presidential campaign could impact the economy.

By Randy Karnes | May 17, 2017

Winning and collaborating are not mutually exclusive.

By Dwight Johnston | May 4, 2017

What traders learned from yesterday's FOMC statement, and how they'll react to the latest health care vote.

By Chris Howard | April 25, 2017

As credit unions face new marketplace disruptions, it’s time to take a closer look at some traditional responses to these challenges.

By Dwight Johnston | April 20, 2017

Traders and Wall Street are making a big deal out of the French election. Here's what Americans need to know.

By Dwight Johnston | April 13, 2017

The movement in the bond market this week was not based on real concerns about the geopolitical scene.

By Randy Karnes | April 11, 2017

I hate but understand the 'I wish this practice would just die' movements.

By Dwight Johnston | April 6, 2017

Fed officials can no longer deny they consider the markets when deciding monetary policy.

By Chris Howard | April 3, 2017

Cybersecurity is a problem that defies easy definition, solution, provenance, and conclusion.

By Jon Jeffreys | March 31, 2017

Credit unions appear to be taking divergent paths, but will mission trump “bank lite” as the year unfolds?

By Dwight Johnston | March 31, 2017

Growth in consumer credit has sparked concern about credit quality. How will credit unions know when it’s really time to worry?

By Jay Johnson | March 31, 2017

When employees prioritize what is best for the member, they demonstrate the cooperative difference.

By Dwight Johnston | March 30, 2017

Does the Fed still matter to bond traders?

By Dwight Johnston | March 23, 2017

Will the health care bill make it to the floor? And how will the market respond to Congressional pressuring?

By Jon Jeffreys | March 22, 2017

The debate over credit union mergers should be about engaging member-owners as much as throwing shade at sales jobs by self-serving insiders.

By Randy Karnes | March 22, 2017

Why the merger system is too rigged for “insider gains.”

By Dwight Johnston | March 16, 2017

Bond traders responded fervently to yesterday's rate hike.

By Jon Jeffreys | March 14, 2017

A focus on aspirations and results trumps obsessing about weaknesses and threats.

By Dwight Johnston | March 9, 2017

Last week's Dow rally fades into memory as the market looks for additional positive reinforcement.

By Chip Filson | March 8, 2017

Some mergers now appear to be little more than bank-like takeovers, without the transparency.

By Jon Jeffreys | March 6, 2017

The NCUA board chair's GAC speech may pave the way for a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the credit union movement to leverage the loosened shackles of regulatory reform. Are we up to it?

By Jay Johnson | March 2, 2017

Talk about action on technology, analytics, touchpoints, and the personal touch highlight the credit union industry’s largest gathering.

By Jon Jeffreys | March 2, 2017

This is not an indictment of large credit unions. Instead, I hope it’s a reminder to all of us of why we're here.

By Dwight Johnston | March 2, 2017

The stock market reacted to Trump’s speech on Tuesday with a triple-digit jump on Wednesday.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 23, 2017

The March meeting is the Fed’s best shot to start what it claims will be three tightenings this year.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 21, 2017

Merging the corporate credit union fund with the share insurance fund is an idea worth considering.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 16, 2017

Wall Street has fought the bull market for the past year, always looking for a better buying opportunity.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 14, 2017

When member-owned financial cooperatives are sold in a merger that is really a fire sale, the benefit goes to the buyers, the selling board, and senior managers at the members’ expense.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 14, 2017

There is an alternative approach to self-dealing credit union mergers that corrupt the ideals of member-owned financial cooperatives.

By Jon Jeffreys | Feb. 13, 2017

For many, thinking about the credit union as a whole is a brand-new experience.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 9, 2017

The appeals court reviewing the president's travel ban could render a decision before the week's end.

By Jon Jeffreys | Feb. 6, 2017

Credit unions seem to be dividing between mission-based and bank lite. What do you see?

By Jay Johnson | Feb. 6, 2017

Considerations to help any credit union assess its ALM policies, procedures, and management practices.

By Randy Karnes | Feb. 3, 2017

Headlines seldom make a business plan or tell you what to do next.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 2, 2017

Trump needs to start working on big issues and stay away from the petty stuff or he will destroy what is left of the goodwill in the markets.

By Chris Howard | Jan. 30, 2017

The concern around disruption in financial services is greater than ever before, but your credit union can take critical steps now to look at disruption through a different lens.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 26, 2017

Buyer demand for the 10-year is not what traders hoped for.

By Alix Patterson | Jan. 23, 2017

Too many credit unions support worthwhile causes that have nothing to do with their core mission.

By Scott Patterson | Jan. 23, 2017

How automated automobiles threaten to disrupt American society and the credit union business.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 23, 2017

A new approach to member service helps credit unions better understand the underlying needs of members and serve them more effectively.

By Chris Howard | Jan. 23, 2017

Only in a culture that celebrates process and smart risk-taking does true innovation take root.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 23, 2017

The need for credit unions has perhaps never been greater for the average American household.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 19, 2017

U.S. employment might be nearing its maximum limit, but there are still pockets of unemployed workers around the country.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 5, 2017

The year's first economic reports are out, and at least one is good news for credit unions.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 22, 2016

All is calm, but is all bright?

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 15, 2016

There will most certainly be more liquidation to come unless the market narrative changes dramatically.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 8, 2016

News from the European Central Bank is not what traders needed or wanted.

By Jon Jeffreys | Dec. 6, 2016

This financial cooperative decided to stake its future on hiring a new leader based on mission, credit union experience or not.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 1, 2016

More than $8 billion of credit union money is tied up in and around the regulator’s bailout of the corporates, but little else is really known.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 1, 2016

November might have been a nightmare, but today’s Treasury rates aren’t far off 2015.

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 1, 2016

With a more favorable environment, credit unions are poised to make an even greater impact in the coming year.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 1, 2016

What would “normal” rates look like in the coming year, and what events might prevent rates from getting there?

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 10, 2016

The lack of liquidity in the bond market has been an ongoing problem, and now the dam seems to be breaking.

By Jim Blaine | Nov. 9, 2016

Something doesn't add up with the NCUA internal watchdog's report.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 3, 2016

Traders are doing little besides watching the newswires for election news.

By Randy Karnes | Nov. 1, 2016

When the agency sets no measurable goals, it's hard for credit unions to hold it accountable.

By Chip Filson | Oct. 31, 2016

The agency’s board ducks responsibility and shrouds in secrecy what’s happening with $3 billion in recoveries from the sellers of dubious private mortgage securities.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 27, 2016

Once the dust settles, why U.S. traders will go back to watching the German market.

By Jay Johnson | Oct. 24, 2016

Determining how to devote limited resources to new opportunities is a challenge, but investing in new ways to deliver value is essential to remain relevant to members.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 18, 2016

What do jobs, houses, and autos say about the road ahead for credit unions?

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 13, 2016

In September, China reported a sharper drop in exports than was expected. What does that mean for the bond market?

By Chris Howard | Oct. 11, 2016

Blockchain technology has the promise to introduce unprecedented control and security in the payments world, but do credit unions care, and should they?

By Chris Howard | Oct. 7, 2016

Credit unions can’t match resources with their big bank competitors, but they can still be outstanding in their field.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 6, 2016

What should credit unions expect from Friday's barrage of economic reports?

By Chip Filson | Sept. 29, 2016

The NCUA could accomplish so much more by being open about how it plans to manage and distribute billions of dollars from the corporate credit union collapse and bailout.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 29, 2016

Oil rallies for a day, and stocks tag along for the ride.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 22, 2016

Three ways credit union understandings and practices have changed.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 22, 2016

Both stocks and bonds rallied yesterday on the heels of two central bank meetings.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 21, 2016

Why participants of the program say Callahan's Leadership Team Development is boosting their performance and success rate.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 15, 2016

Neither stocks nor bonds have made headway in either direction.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 8, 2016

Expected news out of Europe has nonetheless piqued the interest of traders everywhere.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 1, 2016

The markets were quiet for most of August, and traders are eager for September to bring more activity.

By Chip Filson | Sept. 1, 2016

The latest news should be good for credit unions invested in the failed corporates, but lack of regulator clarity makes it hard to know what's really going on.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 25, 2016

The world is nervously awaiting Janet Yellen’s speech tomorrow, but the over-hyped event will not live up to expectations.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 18, 2016

The lack of a unified opinion from the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors will leave the Fed in the dust when rates rise.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 11, 2016

Although there are differences in bond rates around the world, they are all trading in the same direction.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 4, 2016

Bank of England cuts rates while the American traders chew on domestic numbers and the Fed waits for European picture to clear.

By Dwight Johnston | July 28, 2016

While yesterday's FOMC statement was one of the most positive in quite a while, you wouldn’t know it by looking at where the bond market ended.

By Chip Filson | July 27, 2016

Federal regulator grows its own budget instead of using credit union’s cooperative insurance fund as a collective resource to rehabilitate or resolve credit unions in difficulty.

By Dwight Johnston | July 21, 2016

Markets are set for day four of the summer snooze fest. If today ends up as dull as the first three days of this week, traders will have a lot of pent up energy to expend tomorrow.

By Chris Howard | July 19, 2016

A common language, framework can help turn operational survival into strategic thriving. But getting there takes team development.

By Alix Patterson | July 19, 2016

PSCU Member Forum speakers offer lessons on listening to the front line and why to lead the process, not the content.

By Dwight Johnston | July 14, 2016

Central bank across the pond chooses to hold rates steady, giving the pound a boost over there and, along with JP Morgan earnings, some market optimism over here.

By Chip Filson | July 7, 2016

The need for monitoring grows as does the bank account as another $161 million is added ahead of the fund’s 2021 shutdown date.

By Jay Johnson | July 4, 2016

Credit unions’ overarching focus on creating and delivering value to members provides a solid foundation for steady performance while markets whipsaw in the face of uncertainties.

By Dwight Johnston | July 4, 2016

How three possible rate paths could throw a curveball during the 2017 budgeting process.

By Dwight Johnston | June 30, 2016

The knee-jerk reaction to the Brexit vote is over, but the extent of the fallout is still unknown.

By Dwight Johnston | June 24, 2016

Against the predictions of traders, the UK voted yesterday to leave the European Union.

By Dwight Johnston | June 23, 2016

The British are at their polling stations, and the Brexit vote is on.

By Charlotte Taft | June 20, 2016

Credit unions are embracing business intelligence, but their approaches to data and analytics vary as they leverage technology to deliver increased member value.

By Dwight Johnston | June 16, 2016

The Fed should admit it plans to raise interest rates only once it sees stronger economic growth, calm global conditions, and a sustainable upward trend in inflation.

By Dwight Johnston | June 9, 2016

Mario Drahi and George Soros are dinging stocks and giving bond traders a reason to dip below a key level.

By Randy Karnes | June 2, 2016

It's time for a few more credit unions to inspire the same revolution for evolution.

By Chip Filson | May 19, 2016

While credit unions await payback, a look at the agency’s audit numbers for the past six years show its secretive rescue plan might have cost more than it saved.

By Dwight Johnston | May 19, 2016

Despite the strong suggestion by the Fed that it will increase rates in June, two events could cause it to hit the pause button.

By Chip Filson | May 17, 2016

Three critical questions about the corporate resolution plan to be addressed at this Thursday's board meeting.

By Chris Howard | May 2, 2016

A new study shows how little personal responsibility executives feel toward cybersecurity. Here’s why that’s wrong.

By Jay Johnson | April 30, 2016

Credit unions are operating from a position of strength; now, credit union leaders want to leverage that strength to have a greater impact on their members and communities in the area of financial health.

By Jon Jeffreys | April 30, 2016

Credit unions have the opportunity to build on historic growth by helping members achieve fiscal fitness, one family at a time.

By Callahan & Associates | April 28, 2016

Industry co-workers and friends remember the legacy of Mr. O’Rourke.

By Dwight Johnston | April 28, 2016

As peak season for home sales approaches, the outlook for mortgage lending remains positive.

By Chip Filson | April 26, 2016

A review of NCUSIF audits show a rebuff of reality that marks seven years of building budgets while thwarting the fund’s intent to sustain and nurture.

By Chris Howard | April 19, 2016

The collaborative model is the best — and perhaps only — way credit unions can compete in the critical realm of business intelligence and the Big Data it requires.

By Alix Patterson | April 18, 2016

The best of the best? What’s that mean? Serving everyone is the ultimate sustainable model for capitalism and for credit unions, the original crowdfunders.

By Chip Filson | April 15, 2016

NCUA chair Debbie Matz leaves the board as the movement prepares to live with burdensome new capitalization standards that data show nearly no credit unions currently run afoul of.

By Jay Johnson | April 13, 2016

NACUSO conference points up innovative opportunities, regulatory challenges for collaborative entrepreneurship in the credit union model.

By Chip Filson | April 13, 2016

The regulator's drastic move is a troubling illustration of how the agency created to foster the movement’s safety and soundness is becoming a threat to its future.

By Dwight Johnston | April 7, 2016

What the future might look like should the U.S. Fed adopt the policies of the central banks in Europe and Japan.

By Dwight Johnston | March 31, 2016

Securities end quarter strong, while next quarter could determine rates for years to come.

By Dwight Johnston | March 24, 2016

Fed officials have sounded sounded more upbeat on the economy than Yellen sounded last week.

By Jim Blaine | March 17, 2016

With Ed, there was only one direct path to the goal. That path was either with you, around you, over you, under you, or through you. You could step aside or get on board.

By Dwight Johnston | March 17, 2016

The Fed has been throwing off mixed signals for years; yesterday’s FOMC statement was just the latest.

By Dwight Johnston | March 10, 2016

Memo to U.S. traders: Set aside the ECB and focus on what our own Fed might say next week.

By Dwight Johnston | March 3, 2016

Friday's U.S. jobs report is taking on more importance than we have seen in some time.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 25, 2016

Traders have avoided getting caught up in the Chinese stock market, but can they wean themselves away from oil enough to watch fundamentals again?

By Chip Filson | Feb. 22, 2016

Credit unions need to value service as much as profitability and be able to show it.

By Jon Jeffreys | Feb. 10, 2016

Traditional retailers and credit unions are not necessarily on the same side of the digital divide when it comes to moving the model online.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 28, 2016

Amid volatile movement in the stock market, the Federal Reserve is simply watching the world go by.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 21, 2016

New technology has displaced oil’s major role in the global economy.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 21, 2016

Expect economic hurdles and high jumps in 2016.

By Dwight Johnston | Jan. 7, 2016

A drop in the Chinese currency sparks a new wave of selling.

By Tim Mislansky | Jan. 6, 2016

Each year, the National Mortgage News publishes a list of top 200 loan originators. Here's why credit unions need to be on the list.

By Chris Howard | Jan. 6, 2016

It’s times like today when credit union executive teams most need a strategic mindset to lay the foundation for future success.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 4, 2016

Crowdfunding provides opportunities for credit unions, small businesses, investors, and local communities.

By Chris Howard | Jan. 4, 2016

If credit unions can embrace the idea of Collaboration 3.0, they can become the disruptors rather than the disrupted.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 4, 2016

Now’s the time to double down on the credit union difference and spread financial wealth and wellness.

By Chris Howard | Jan. 4, 2016

Cyber risk touches every part of a credit union, so CEOs and other members of the C-suite must prepare for real-time, hands-on management of such events.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 16, 2015

This analysis of the estates of the five liquidated corporate credit unions includes five action steps that credit unions can take individually and collectively to help retrieve their funds from the $4-$5 billion windfall.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 16, 2015

The fate of the payout from liquidated corporate credit unions rests with the NCUA.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 10, 2015

The year-end action by FOMC could set the tone for 2016.

By Dwight Johnston | Dec. 3, 2015

After the big jump in October payrolls, a more normal gain is expected.

By Chris Howard | Nov. 30, 2015

Credit unions should get together to tackle data, overcome challenges, and compete.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 19, 2015

Movement in the excess reserve rate could mean a major increase in income.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 12, 2015

Does bad news from the nation's largest retail sales department store bring sad tidings for the holiday season?

By Alix Patterson | Nov. 11, 2015

Credit unions are gaining members and market share. For now. Better telling our industry’s story is more critical than ever in this marketplace of experiential consumers.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 5, 2015

If and when the Federal Reserve finally raises the overnight funds rate, the bond market will already be way ahead.

By Dwight Johnston | Nov. 4, 2015

Early warning signs suggest values in hot markets are getting stretched, and increased mortgage rates will send some areas into overvalued territory.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 29, 2015

Stock traders like easy money, but they don’t like seeing the Federal Reserve basing decisions on shaky global markets.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 15, 2015

Despite a rally in Chinese stocks, traders are looking for bad news.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 8, 2015

More good news for the long-term outlook of the housing market.

By Gene Kehoe | Oct. 6, 2015

Authentication advancements that empower mobile lending were among the highlights during the annual fall financial innnovations event.

By Dwight Johnston | Oct. 1, 2015

Stock traders are trying to use Wednesday’s rally as a launching pad for a better fourth quarter, but the market is looking a bit wobbly.

By Alix Patterson | Sept. 25, 2015

Pope Francis brought his message and his popularity to Washington, and this family was there to witness it.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 24, 2015

Investors are fed up with market confusion. Will a lecture today by the Fed chair provide any clarity?

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 17, 2015

How the markets will react to today's FOMC statement is anyone's guess. The markets stopped making sense a long time ago.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 10, 2015

Where the markets end price-wise today is anyone’s guess. But we can be certain that the markets will end the day just as uncertainly as they are beginning.

By Dwight Johnston | Sept. 3, 2015

The bond market’s problem isn’t just selling by China.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 27, 2015

Although Donald Trump might tell you China is trying to destroy America, the simple fact is the Chinese need to raise money to fund support efforts at home.

By Dwight Johnston | Aug. 20, 2015

Foundering currencies and cratering commodities point to reluctance to raise rates when FOMC meets next month.

By Dwight Johnston | July 30, 2015

This indecision over whether to tighten rates is wasted angst.

By Michael Wettrich | July 27, 2015

Michael Wettrich, president and chief executive of the $90 million Education First Credit Union in Ohio, makes the case for supplemental capital at credit unions.

By Chris Howard | July 27, 2015

Supplemental capital is a useful tool that is long overdue; however, it is not without risk and potential complications.

By Dwight Johnston | July 23, 2015

A slow summer day, mixed earnings for two symbolic companies, and dropping oil prices present a mixed bag for a sluggish global economy.

By Dwight Johnston | July 16, 2015

Traders shrug at the deal struck between the European Union and Greek Parliament but turn their attention to ECB president Mario Draghi.

By Dwight Johnston | July 9, 2015

Hopefully, U.S. traders are not really focusing on Chinese markets. Why optimism over Greece in Europe is growing also is unclear.

By Dwight Johnston | July 2, 2015

Regardless of what happens in Europe, we can expect one outcome on Monday.

By Dwight Johnston | June 25, 2015

The rhetoric out of Greece suggests the crisis could be resolved as early as next week.

By Dwight Johnston | June 18, 2015

This data-dependent board of governors will do nothing until evidence slaps it in the face.

By Dwight Johnston | June 11, 2015

Minor consumer splurge in May drives first strong numbers in many months.

By Jon Jeffreys | June 10, 2015

Will new mortgage disclosures set to take effect in August help or hinder consumer understanding of debt?

By Dwight Johnston | June 4, 2015

The German bond market led the way on Wednesday as the 10-year note closed the day at 0.85%.

By Tim Mislansky | June 3, 2015

Zillow mortgage research shows that many small borrowers will pay 10% more for every dollar borrowed than a borrower with a $400,000 loan.

By Dwight Johnston | May 28, 2015

Global stock markets are having a sympathetic reaction to the Shanghai Composite.

By Dwight Johnston | May 21, 2015

The markets are trading quietly as the Fed takes a wait-and-see approach on raising interest rates.

By Kevin Heal | May 19, 2015

This quarterly snapshot from TRUST Mutual Funds shows total investments at credit unions increased $14 billion since year-end 2014.

By Dwight Johnston | May 12, 2015

Bond traders are on their tiptoes in an effort to not disturb the German beast.

By Tim Mislansky | May 7, 2015

TILA/RESPA integrated disclosure is so much more than a disclosure regulation. Many believe it will be a bigger deal than the Qualified Mortgage rule from January 2014.

By Dwight Johnston | May 6, 2015

Fed chair Janet Yellen’s comments during an IMF conference on Wednesday contributed to a global sell-off of stocks last night.

By Dwight Johnston | April 30, 2015

Dow futures are down 20 points in preopening trading and bond prices are close to unchanged to start the last day of April.

By Rebecca Wessler | April 27, 2015

The deadline to submit comments about NCUA's risk-based capital proposal is April 27. This roundup of RBC2 commentary offers inspiration and suggestions for crafting a comment.

By Michael Emancipator | April 27, 2015

More than 1,000 credit union advocates from across the industry have made their voices heard. This selection of comments about NCUA’s revised risk-based capital proposal highlights drawbacks of the rule and underscores the importance of feedback.

By Dwight Johnston | April 23, 2015

The NASDAQ teeters on the precipice of breaking even after 15 years, and the German 10-year yield sneaks a surprise attack on the bond market.

By Chris Howard | April 23, 2015

Legal battle and years of uncertainty could follow a final rule like this.

By Chip Filson | April 21, 2015

Data from different sources documents discrepant views about the Temporary Corporate Credit Union Stabilization Fund.

By Chris Howard | April 20, 2015

This "fundamentally flawed" policy actually creates a capital problem.

By Chris Howard | April 19, 2015

Rick Metsger says the NCUA has a duty to protect the insurance fund against "material risks."

By Jay Johnson | April 17, 2015

Alchemy and innovation at CUSO conference shows a movement on the move.

By Chris Howard | April 17, 2015

Like generals, regulators are always fighting the last war.

By Dwight Johnston | April 16, 2015

Disappointing numbers in U.S. housing starts could be a lingering effect of the winter blues.

By Chris Howard | April 16, 2015

Much of the logic surrounding RBC2 is absurd, especially the idea that it offers any more protection than effective examination.

By Chris Howard | April 13, 2015

Reserves are different from capital, and with RBC2, credit union members pay the price.

By Dwight Johnston | April 9, 2015

In yesterday's FOMC minutes, the Fed laid out three conditions that must be met in order for it to consider the first tightening.

By Alix Patterson | April 8, 2015

The Massachusetts credit union turns its debit card 90 degrees to improve functionality and impress the user.

By Kevin Heal | April 7, 2015

Credit unions might not be subject to CRA guidelines, but they still need to be aware of the value of CRA-eligible loans.

By Chris Howard | April 7, 2015

The argument that existing capital regulations are ineffective just doesn’t hold water.

By Chris Howard | April 6, 2015

Systemic rules like RBC are always simplistic and inflexible, a kind of bureaucratic bludgeon.

By Chris Howard | April 6, 2015

The NCUA is proposing an invasive, possibly illegal solution to a problem that does not exist.

By Chip Filson | April 2, 2015

The Federal Credit Union Act requires the NCUA to submit an annual report to the President and Congress by April 1. Another year has come and gone with no report.

By Dwight Johnston | April 2, 2015

The bond bulls and economic bear crowd is over-hyping the potential for tomorrow’s jobs number to be a game changer.

By Chris Howard | April 2, 2015

Credit unions should focus their efforts on persuading NCUA board member Rick Metsger to change his mind on RBC.

By Chris Howard | March 31, 2015

NCUA will assume it's all peachy-keen unless the agency hears from credit unions.

By Chip Filson | March 30, 2015

The annual performance of the share insurance fund is a real-world test of NCUA’s ability to identify future risk, document potential shortfalls, and accurately manage uncertainties.

By Chris Howard | March 30, 2015

Already commented once? Do it again. Haven't yet? Now's the time.

By Randy Karnes | March 27, 2015

Current comment period should be just the beginning of constant contact with those who rule our world.

By Chip Filson | March 27, 2015

Yay or nay, the cooperative system needs your participation on matters of such consequence.

By Dwight Johnston | March 26, 2015

Reversals and consistency in stocks and bonds.

By Chip Filson | March 26, 2015

Exercise your right and do the right thing for your members by commenting on the risk-based capital rule. It's your "vote." Make it count.

By Dwight Johnston | March 19, 2015

March's statement and forecast proves the central bank is as vulnerable to short-term factors as any short-term trader.

By Chip Filson | March 18, 2015

Ed Callahan passed away six years ago, yet his impact on the industry still resonates today.

By Chip Filson | March 12, 2015

Year-end data clearly proves there is no capital problem or shortfall in the credit union system.

By Dwight Johnston | March 12, 2015

Poor weather and cloudy consumer moods drag down retail performance, to the apparent surprise of economists.

By Kevin Heal | March 9, 2015

Properly pricing and managing the loan portfolio is a major driver of success for a credit union.

By Dwight Johnston | March 5, 2015

Bonds are down, jobless claims are up, and the 10-Year Treasury yield could hinge on February's jobs reports.

By Chip Filson | March 4, 2015

When will the NCUA pay attention to how the FDIC views risk-based capital?

By Chip Filson | March 2, 2015

Escape the circus and live beyond the limits of the imaginary lid. Comment on the RBC rule.

By Mark Kretzschmar | March 2, 2015

A half-million members respond so far to North Carolina credit union’s offer of free credit scores. President digs it, too.

By Dwight Johnston | Feb. 26, 2015

Watch for frenzied news coverage at month's end as stock traders target two landmarks for the Dow and NASDAQ.

By Chris Howard | Feb. 24, 2015

Is it time to rethink how and what we measure, especially in the credit union world where “high performance” has a different meaning than in for-profit financial institutions?

By Randy Karnes | Feb. 23, 2015

Is making the NCUA look professional more important than debating rules before they're passed?

By Tim Mislansky | Feb. 13, 2015

Qualified mortgage rules should reflect bigger credit unions as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

By Jim Blaine | Feb. 12, 2015

Albert Einstein hailed the power of compounding interest. But that power works both ways, as payday lenders well know.

By Kevin Heal | Feb. 6, 2015

Rising wages, employment may be greeted by rate hikes as Fed works to direct economic harmony.

By Randy Karnes | Feb. 5, 2015

A new era of transparent debate and both sides of the story will be good for us all!

By Chip Filson | Jan. 20, 2015

NCUA is setting an anti-democratic precedent in its repeated efforts to keep private the legal opinions about its public regulatory authority. RBC is one example. The CUSO rule is another. Will there be more?

By Chip Filson | Jan. 16, 2015

How did the three board members and NCUA fare during the open meeting in which the agency released the revised risk-based capital proposal?

By Jordan Modell | Jan. 14, 2015

New Jersey de novo says it’s well capitalized but heavily restricted, and CEO has some suggestions for working together.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 13, 2015

To craft an effective response, credit unions must understand how board members view the rule.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 12, 2015

If NCUA implemented the role of the practitioners in the spirit of member participation, then the precedent could be an important milestone in how the agency works with credit unions.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 12, 2015

A speech by the vice chair of the FDIC should be top of mind as the industry considers the new risk-based capital proposal.

By Kevin Heal | Jan. 8, 2015

The beginning of 2015 looks much the same as 2014.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 5, 2015

First quarter is an ideal time to pay slightly above market to lock in long-term CDs and reactivate interest in money market offerings.

By Chip Filson | Jan. 5, 2015

Investment gains of more than $700 million prove the three liquidated corporates have always had positive capital.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 19, 2014

Discussions held during the largest ever credit union conference still resonate today.

By Kevin Heal | Dec. 18, 2014

Emerging signs of economic strain underscore the need for financial prudence.

By Chris Howard | Dec. 17, 2014

The fact an examiner jeopardized sensitive data from $13.1 million Palm Springs FCU is appalling at so many levels.

By Kathy BurdickTed Bilke | Dec. 9, 2014

Bankers entering the credit union workforce have a lot to learn — or relearn — about cooperatives, members, and the credit union difference.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 9, 2014

More than 2,500 participants attended the 1984 National Examiners' Conference to "share expertise and experience.” Here are photos of a few of them.

By Kimberly Woollard | Dec. 8, 2014

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union learned several lessons during the decade it spent refining its culture and achieving its current level of employee engagement.

By Alix Patterson | Dec. 5, 2014

Annual core processing market share guide raises questions. Answering them helps improve the process.

By Scott Patterson | Oct. 22, 2014

What the CFPB got right, and wrong, in its 2014 Student Loan Ombudsman's Annual Report.

By Julie Renderos | Oct. 13, 2014

Why Suncoast Credit Union took on a low-income designation and how it plans to tap the benefits that designation provides.

By Chris Howard | Sept. 12, 2014

Compared to a 4-pound cell phone from the 1980s, an expensive mid-'90s flip phone would look great — until you saw the iPhone 6. With EMV, credit unions are being pressured to adopt technology that is obsolete.

By Chip Filson | Sept. 2, 2014

The ability to manage interest rate risk is another advantage of the cooperative model.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 7, 2014

The credit unions on NCUA’s risk-based capital panel have an opportunity to make a difference for the cooperative system.

By Chip Filson | July 21, 2014

NCUA's listening session should be a wake-up call for credit unions. Why does the regulator want to follow an ineffective banking model when the cooperative approach has proven time and again to be superior?

By Dwight Johnston | July 16, 2014

It’s a constant struggle to separate illusion from future vision, but here are three likely paths that the evolving rate situation may take in the year ahead.

By Joan Opp | July 16, 2014

Why performance trumps gender and other advice for aspiring leaders.

By Henry Wirz | July 16, 2014

Good leadership requires addressing the causes of problems, putting solutions in place that eliminate repeat problems, and taking accountability for institutional failures.

By Amy Sink | June 23, 2014

A successful CEO shares guidance and best practices for tomorrow’s business leaders.

By Chip Filson | May 31, 2014

Latest TCCUSF audit shows NCUA underestimated corporate credit unions' capital reserves by 6.4 Billion and the need for a thorough review of NCUA's stewardship.

By Linda Bodie | May 26, 2014

Being a small credit union hasn't stopped West Virginia-based Element FCU from developing solutions to better serve its members.

By Chris Howard | May 17, 2014

Comparing home-based credit unions to buggy whips trivializes the modern quality services they provide to their members

By Chip Filson | May 15, 2014

RBC mandates a one-sided approach to financial soundness that requires credit unions to play only defense with no offense. No team wins that way.

By Chip Filson | May 15, 2014

NCUA has yet to provide a weighting for human error.

By Chip Filson | May 15, 2014

The 2013 annual audit of the TCCUSF shows credit unions are due billions of dollars in refunds. Now is the time for a thorough review of NCUA’s stewardship.

By Chip Filson | May 14, 2014

NCUA asserts home-based credit unions are "stuck in the past," but the fact these credit unions have an average charter length of 55 years and have survived the Great Depression, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Great Recession tells a more meaningful story.

By Chip Filson | May 13, 2014

NCUA’s proposed rule to prohibit credit unions from operating out of private residences has wide-reaching effects not only for the 74 home-based federal credit unions but also for every credit union operating in this country.

By Chris Howard | May 1, 2014

By traditional measures, credit union originators are less efficient than their for-profit competitors. They're not going to get rich quick, but that’s not what credit unions are about.

By Chip Filson | April 25, 2014

The simple reserving formula and a 7% well-capitalized ratio credit unions employ is a more effective method for measuring capital adequacy.

By Brandon Michaels | April 22, 2014

Credit unions lead the financial services industry with strategies that embrace corporate social responsibility. Best of all, CSR isn’t just feel-good PR; it’s a proven benefit for an institution’s own employees.

By Chip Filson | April 16, 2014

Backtesting NCUSIF reserve expenses for losses shows no link to actual losses for past five years

By Chip Filson | April 10, 2014

Bank regulators vote to strengthen the leverage capital requirements for the eight largest banking organizations by taking an approach the cooperative model has used for more than 100 years.

By Randy Karnes | April 8, 2014

NCUA chair Debbie Matz does not understand that in member-owner cooperatives, it is the consumer who decides what is relevant or not.

By Jim Vilker | April 7, 2014

The new high rate of corporate perpetual capital could drive credit unions to bank with non-credit union organizations.

By Chris Howard | April 7, 2014

In the hands of skilled credit union underwriters, creative loan structures can help deserving buyers acquire affordable homes and achieve the American Dream.

By Bogdan Chmielewski | April 7, 2014

PSFCU members reward their credit union’s philanthropy with lasting loyalty.

By Dwight Johnston | April 7, 2014

Two economic cornerstones that nearly crumbled during the recession — jobs and housing — are now structurally sound and ready to lift credit unions to the next level of success.

By Carla Hedrick | April 7, 2014

When Denver Community switched charters to expand its membership base, it gained regulatory advocates as well as potential members.

By Chip Filson | April 3, 2014

NCUA’s proposed RBC rule would double credit union capital requirements versus banks for common asset classes where risk weights are different.

By Chip Filson | April 3, 2014

An analysis of capital requirements for a bank and a credit union with the same asset size and composition.

By Chip Filson | March 27, 2014

An independent review council with a staff separate from NCUA will enhance the distinct characteristics of the cooperative model.

By Chip Filson | March 27, 2014

Is the RBC approach the best framework for how cooperatives determine their level of reserves?

By Chip Filson | March 26, 2014

Conclusions from commentaries and studies about why the risk-based capital requirements did not prevent severe losses.

By Chip Filson | March 26, 2014

The downside of what a regulatory-designed and imposed capital system would do to credit unions

By Chip Filson | Feb. 28, 2014

This hearing allows McWatters to present his thoughts on the NCUA board’s role and for senators to learn about his views on the regulation of financial cooperatives.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 27, 2014

NCUA's proposed rule not only presents an unbalanced portrait of the home-based credit union today but also overrides the right of a credit union to choose a different design and purpose.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 27, 2014

Home-based credit unions are a part of the movement’s DNA and have played a vital role in their members’ lives for decades. In this CBS News clip, the network praises the noteworthy accomplishment of this refreshing kind of financial institution in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 27, 2014

Anecdotes and comments about NCUA home-based credit union rule demonstrate the power of the cooperative model.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 25, 2014

When did a public hearing become a secret proceeding?

By Chip Filson | Feb. 24, 2014

A credit union owner's analysis reveals a $357 million real loss of market value in the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund over the past 12 months.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 19, 2014

NCUA overestimated losses on investments by $7.6 billion and now estimates it owes credit unions a refund of $1.9 billion in TCCUSF premium overpayments.

By Darrick Weeks | Feb. 7, 2014

How Wright-Patt Credit Union reorganized in the face of a changing payments landscape.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 6, 2014

Timely data that provides transparency at all levels of system performance can be a significant, cooperative strong, advantage for credit unions.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 5, 2014

If the tables were turned, how would an NCUA examiner respond to NCUA's own management of NCUSIF funds?

By Brandon Michaels | Jan. 24, 2014

The community benefits when young adults learn about common financial concepts; credit union team members can present economic education lessons through classes, workshops, contests, and events.

By Mary Beth Wilcher | Jan. 13, 2014

Erie FCU is upgrading its relationship-building efforts and empowering its leadership team members to make their own decisions.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 20, 2013

How effectively are existing NCUA information and examiner resources being used?

By Chip Filson | Dec. 20, 2013

The final CUSO regulation passed at the November board meeting took more than two years to develop and will not collect any meaningful information until early 2016.

By Brandon Michaels | Dec. 17, 2013

A proper corporate social responsibility platform creates a win/win/win situation for the credit union, its members, and the community.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 16, 2013

In November, the board approved the highest overhead transfer rate in the agency’s history of managing the NCUSIF.

By Brandon Michaels | Dec. 16, 2013

A properly designed CSR platform creates a win/win/win situation for the credit union, its members, and the community.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 10, 2013

Legacy assets taken from the five liquidated corporates have increased in total value in the past 18 months.

By Chip Filson | Dec. 6, 2013

NCUA’s November board actions and subsequent commentaries represent a lack of meaningful interaction between regulators and credit unions.

By Heather Moshier | Dec. 2, 2013

A standardized set of specifications for the credit union industry will make product and service integration easier and less expensive.

By Brian Ducharme | Nov. 25, 2013

MIT FCU mines mutual opportunities within its select community.

By Chip Filson | Oct. 31, 2013

At its October board meeting, the NCUA released a final liquidity rule to be put in place by March 2014

By David Mooney | Oct. 21, 2013

Alliant Credit Union CEO David Mooney talks about the importance of innovation in the credit union movement.

By Michael Ragsdale | Oct. 9, 2013

One difference between community banks and credit unions is a banker’s emphasis on ROE and a credit union’s emphasis on ROA.

By Todd Hall | Oct. 9, 2013

A former bank executive points to mission and long-term strategy as the primary differences between credit unions and banks.

By David Mooney | Oct. 9, 2013

Banks and credit unions operate in disparate systems, yet the providers of financial services have many traits in common.

By Tom Berquist | Sept. 23, 2013

Crowdsourcing software enables the Washington credit union to solicit ideas from employees and build off the solutions of one another. So far, participation is high and credit union leadership is pleased.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 8, 2013

Several factors contribute to the impression that regulating credit union cooperatives is the same as banking oversight, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

By Chip Filson | Aug. 6, 2013

The need for a better partnership is well illustrated by the board’s July 25 decision to assess an eight basis point, $700 million insurance expense for the TCCUSF.

By Pete Sainato | July 29, 2013

Strategic planning beforehand helped Justice FCU perform strongly during the economic recession.

By Chip Filson | July 25, 2013

As of June 30, 2013, the total of the reserves established by each of the five corporates prior to liquidation shows that $5.4 billion of combined OTTI write downs are still unused.

By Dick Ashijan | July 15, 2013

EECU weaves effective risk management into the credit union by starting with its people and culture, then using technology to enhance risk analytics.

By Michael Martin and David Bunch | July 15, 2013

Complex regulations, increased regulator pressure, and risk-based exams have forced risk management to be more global.

By Tim Rowe | July 15, 2013

Member One FCU uses ERM to identify and measure the impact of current business risks while assessing emerging threats.

By Cathy Smoyer | July 15, 2013

Mountain America Credit Union altered and enhanced its own existing program, creating a richer, deeper risk management protocol.

By Taylor Murray | July 1, 2013

A Midwest credit union branch puts OBM principles to work in the field.

By Chip Filson | June 17, 2013

The results of the Co-Ops 4 Change "NCUA Survey" are in!

By Chip Filson | June 10, 2013

Co-Ops for Change is crowd-sourcing data on each corporate credit union’s portfolio that was taken to collateralize the NCUA Guaranteed Notes (NGN).

By Chip Filson | June 10, 2013

No credit union in America has come close to the bottom-line financial results of Arrowhead Credit Union’s 3.75% ROA for both 2011 and 2012.

By Heather Kaart | May 27, 2013

A Canadian community credit union uses impact measures to gain a better understanding of how it is growing as a cooperative.

By Kevin Carter | May 10, 2013

Kevin Carter, a realtor who has successfully worked with credit unions, shares specific traits he looks for in lending partners.

Why tomorrow’s cooperative workers will need to know more, do more, and own more, and how we can help them get there.

By Christopher J. Johnson | April 9, 2013

Five key questions to ask about your credit union.

By Chip Filson | March 26, 2013

Credit unions are rediscovering the power of a community action website – a channel to encourage members to speak out and to participate on issues of common concern and interest.

By Bill Kennedy | March 20, 2013

We offer a broad and diverse education and we should share that with students.

By Bill Burke | March 7, 2013

Having a background and deep understanding of cooperative principles is a very desirable attribute of any incoming NCUA Board member.

By Jerry Liudahl | March 6, 2013

The future direction of the credit union movement depends on having regulatory leadership which understands both the industry and the cooperative principals by which we operate.

By Dave Doss | March 5, 2013

I have a great working relationship with NCUA but I think our industry is being confronted with the need to transform itself.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 19, 2013

The writings of Michael Porter help us understand why NCUA's activities have discouraged the creation of member-owner value.

By Chip Filson | Feb. 18, 2013

At the heart of credit unions is a new organizational model based in cooperative design. It should also be at the core of the regulatory system. A radical overhaul is called for.