March 6, 2017


  • I thought the speech by Chairman McWatters at the GAC was not only full of optimism and promise for America's Credit Unions but, also and more importantly, for each and every credit union union member that we collectively serve. The only disappointing aspect of the speech was the unusually quiet crowd in attendance who had just seen a pretty good speech delivered by General Colin Powell. Powell must have been a "tough act to follow", because there is no doubt that the content of Chairman McWatters speech (the 15-point agenda) was enough to elicit a number of standing ovations from the credit union faithful which strangely never materialized. I mean come on now, revisiting anybody out there hearing this? Having seen and heard Chairman McWatters prior to the GAC, I can attest to his strong command of the issues, his dedication to a cooperative NCUA/Credit Union relationship and his deep concern for our members. I for one am up for the challenge and thrilled about our future!
    Bernie McLaughlin