Measured And Methodical Response Leads To #1 Market Share


When we review the financial crisis and the impacts on our community and credit union it is easy to see that the Southern Oregon economy was one of the First In and Last Out of the financial doldrums. While the local economy has been tough on local financial institutions with a bank and credit union failure, and multiple acquisitions, we have found that our measured and methodical response to the crisis has resulted in creating amazing community confidence in our credit union. This has opened up many doors that have never been open to us before and created considerable market opportunity that has allowed us to grow from #5 in local deposit market share to #1! Yes, that includes US Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and regional players like Umpqua Bank. Our membership growth consistently exceeds peers and we have experienced loan growth above peers. Through incredible devotion to our members and considerable trust in senior leadership our Board of Directors faced the crisis head on and led our credit union to local market leadership! They set a straight and true course that has resulted in our credit union being well positioned to take full advantage of the recovery... and the recovery is coming!

Gene Pelham, President/CEO
Rogue Federal Credit Union
$583M, Medford, OR


Jan. 28, 2013

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