3 Graphs About Core Processor Market Share

The core processing marketplace is evolving as providers work to to obtain and retain market share.


Top 10 Providers By Number Of Clients ($250M-$1B)
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With more than 400 clients between them, Fiserv and Symitar control the majority of the market for credit unions with $250 million to $1 billion in assets. However, there is significant competition among providers serving less than 50 clients.


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Top 20 Providers By Number Of Clients (<$50M)
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With 759 credit union clients, FedComp holds sizable market share in the less than $50 million asset range. This outlier aside, providers building their books of business makes the competitive landscape more evenly dispersed in this asset demographic.


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Top 10 Providers By Number Of Credit Union Clients*
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FedComp, which caters specifically to smaller and mid-sized credit unions, has the largest concentration of credit union clients of any single platform. Symitar and Fiserv unsurprisingly round out the top five, but competition after that is varied as providers assert themselves in this competitive marketplace.


* CompuSource totals updated to reflect larger client base following data correction.

Source: Callahan & Associates



Dec. 1, 2014


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