The Credit Union Guide To Generation Y

Different generations require different conversations. This interactive series shows how credit unions can serve all ages.




Aug. 13, 2018


  • I love this! My favorite part is highlight the Callahan employee of each generation. Nicely done.
  • I find it interesting some of the info that is lumped together for such a vastly spanning generational group. For example, those of us closer to the 1980 side of the generational gap did not grow up watching Barney and Friends, because we were approaching our pre-teen / teen years. While some of the information applies to the entire Gen Y span, some of the information really should be split into early 80's Gen Y and late 80's /early 90's Gen Y, as there really is a difference.
  • I don't disagree with you. I was also born in that odd space that bridges Gen X and Gen Y/Millennials. Some have proposed delineating a micro-generation: Xennials. The Business Insider has written about it []. But for the purposes of this infographic series, we are using the standard generations and generally accepted time spans. Thank you for commenting, and keep reading
    Rebecca Wessler